Wednesday, November 04, 2009

X-ile Pictures - Super Bowl Commercial up!

Hey gang, if you have been reading lately you would know I have been working on a commercial product. Well I am happy to say it is done and now on line for you to view here:

Please note that the link will take you to the main site first, then click "skip intro" in the bottom right, and finally it will take you directly to our entry titled
"Doritos - Enjoy the Adventure".
You can also search for the commercial by Director: xilepictures

So here is the deal. On September 10th I get an email from my good friend Zafe who has worked with me since "Revelations." He half jokingly asks "Hey you feel like making a commercial for fun and potential super bowl air time?"

Now I have still been trying to recoup since finishing Trenches and dealing with all that. Creatively I have been dry, but Zafe's email lit a spark. That spark took and lit a blaze once I pitched an idea to Zafe. he liked it and together we developed what you see as the finished product online. I produced and coordinated the ambitious effort with my wife Dawn's help. Not bad for coming up with the idea, shooting in two days, and then 3 weeks for post with just Zafe and I, and Geoff helped on one shot too :)

The commercial stars my good friend Matt Mickelson who has worked with me since being the lead Executive on "Pitching Lucas", to then being a pilot for me in "Trenches".
Matt has that perfect Harrison Ford/Hero/Bond type look and he is just a blast to work with! Thanks Matt for playing again.
I also brought in another familiar face, Kelley Slagle, who was the lead role of Boyens in Trenches. Kelley plays was my mysterious ninja wielding villain. Type casting :) Kelley is always a pro and a fun treat to have on the set!

A new face on the commercial you will see is a very amazing talent named Gia Mora. I came across Gia when I was casting for Trenches and filed her photo and resume away if I ever had need for her look and skill. When this commercial came up I first though of her as my ending lead joke to the piece. Gia is cute, attractive, very funny and has excellent timing. A true gem! You can also catch Gia's funny short web series called:
"The show where you tell me what's wrong with your life, and I tell you what's wrong with you!"

So, all said and done, a month and a half, while still working our regular jobs, family, and doing the commercial on the side. Not bad at all for the craziness that happens in 30secs!

We shot the whole thing in Richmond, and I have to give a HUGE, HUGE thanks once again to the Virginia Film office, you guys have always been there for us film makers. Remarkable. And a huge thank you, BIG time to the City of Richmond.. man what a film friendly town!
(no joke)

We shut down streets to do the car chases, went on roof tops to do the helicopter chase, got on fire escapes, brought in 15 ninjas.. normal X-ile Pictures silliness, and we couldn't have been able to do it without the huge allowance and help of the VA office, the city and state of Richmond, Virginia! Thanks so much guys. Andy, Mary Kathryn, Kat, Scott.. you guys rock and more!
So here is the deal on the commercial guy. It's a contest, so yes, I took a chance and a gamble to go out and make something fun on my own dime again. But here is the neat part, Doritos is hosting the crashthesuperbowl contest in which they will pick 6 finalists out of all the entries (over 600 so far), then Come January 5th (my birthday) Doritos will post for public voting the 6 finalists. The top 3 will be aired at the super bowl!! Plus, if the ad comes in 1st in the USA Ad meter then the winning commercial, get this, win a million dollars! Seems impossible? Last year it happen to two out of work brothers, and they took all the top prizes in their great ad!

Is mine good enough to go that far? (shrug)
I don't know. I like to think so.
All I do know is I had fun making this commercial, this short form is a blast. I continue to take a shot, live the dream and aim high.
I had a great time on the set of this one and really enjoy working with creative friends, plus making new ones. I am proud of this one, and hope you have fun watching it.
So go check it out and see what you think. Share it with your friends and we appreciate any support :) Hopefully we will make it as a finalist and you can vote to have us shown at the big show! One can dream.. one can dream.