Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Fun, Movie & Updates

Starting off I need to thank a lot of you out there who have reached out and offered your kindness and support. Much appreciated!

I have to say I was amazed at the amount of response, as I thought only about 10 of you read this blog .. OK 11 as I know now my wife reads my blog to keep better tabs on me :)

She really wanted to know what my "Show me a Nipple" post was about in December . Innocent fun. Note to self - clear adult site cache files from system.

All kidding aside, thanks so much! A lot of you send some good advise, heart warming thoughts. Let me say this, there are some really good people out there. When the chips are down, family and friends are always there! Thank you for that!!

The Future is Bright -
Things are looking up right now and I am getting my sea legs back.

The studio is very close to actually closing a deal for Trenches and I am very excited about the possibilities.

There have been some delays as you guys know but it looks like something big is going to happen and turn around.

The studio is very busy working on thier end and involving me in the process, which is great. That said, I am being advised we should see a Summer Trenches release!

There is talk of a possible Comic Con showing/ Release - that would be stellar!

I can say this, when trenches does come out I am going to need all your help to make as much noise about it as you can!!

I am also currently in discussions with a development / production company that just approached me, and they have some very interesting ideas I hope to possibly share with you soon. I am also starting to get the itch again some, so I am starting to feel better.

In Other News -
I have been spending some great recharge time with the family. Each weekend we seem to be doing something big and it has been great. Thus far we have been to Smith Mountain Lake for the best father's day I have ever had.

We rented a pontoon boat and did some fishing, tubing and cruising around the lake with the family. Awesome living, and I could get use to that life style, oh to have a boat! (someday) We played putt-putt golf, fed the fish popcorn, had ice-cream. A great weekend!

This past weekend I gave my wife a break and took all the boys to the Shenandoah River. We rented a stunning home on the river bank which I got a deal on, and we went fishing, shot BB guns (yes I am from Texas) went to an old drive in theater to watch "Up".

We had hotdogs, and some good summer fun. I am afraid my kids are going to say "so what are we doing next weekend!?

So family wise it has been great, but tiring of course, as we have already done a lot, plus we are going to Texas to visit family in August.

Till then, things are good and I am hoping you are all well and the summer is warm and bright. Stay tuned as things are heating up!

- Shane