Thursday, April 09, 2009

Return of Travels- Get some Seoul

The latest.. but a bit behind.. I recently had to do some more traveling for my job and this time it took me to Seoul for a few week.

I have to say Korea was a great trip and I really enjoyed Seoul. It's like NY, but the buildings are not quite as high, it's cleaner, safer, and you can't read any of the signs. I love the food in Korea as well as the culture, I should know as my wife is half Korean and I speak the language more then she does .. thanks to my mother-in-law.

But if you ever get a chance in the the east I recommend Seoul.

A wonderful place of stunning culture, food and even fun. From sight seeing such as the many palaces, traditional areas, folk villages, tons of shopping from way expensive Prada style to outdoor fleamarket deals. Gambling, bar hopping, clubbing.. like I said, Seoul is like NY in a way but with it's own flavor that I enjoy.

I liked to pretend I was in Blade Runner at nights as I roamed the alley/street of the business district of Seoul. Very cool and surreal in a way.

The other thing I will say is wow the ladies in Korea like to show off their legs.. man they all wear short skirts and it was cold when I was there, but wasn't complaining :)

The main reason I enjoyed my Seoul trip so much was the company. I usually have to travel by myself when I go on these business trips and as exciting as some of it might sound, eating and drinking by yourself is just no damn fun at all. It's the company, the stories and sharing the experiences that makes a trip all the more fun and this time I had two co-workers with me Ian and Warner to hang out with.

We had a blast! Here are some pictures from the gang courtesy of Warner.. or as we like to call Mr B!

I did learn a valuable lesson on this trip and one I should know better about, and that is I am not as young as I think, wish or thought I was, and I should not try and out drink or out pace the younger crowd.

I paid the price for it and my friend Ian taught me a lesson I will remember.. I simply can not drink that much.. oh gods was I sick, but it was worth it and we laughed the night away.
Mr. B literally caught on fire at one bar as he brushed his shirt sleeve too close to a candle when cool and harmless fire trails ran over his shirt burning off lint of fuzz I think. It was cool to see, and we had quite a few by then :)

So we made it all safe, had a great trip, some great company and met some wonderful people. The food was excellent and I am now back home where I belong back to the 9-5 and family.
Travel is all fine and good but anything over two weeks and I miss my family and being home. nothing beats home.