Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indie Film Show "Inside Report" Returns

Hey gang! I hope everyone is doing well out there and staying on their feet. I know I am doing my best to do so.
I wanted to share the news from a very good friend of mine in the UK, Sky Wilson, who is the creator of "Inside Report"

Sky and the show "Inside Report" has always been a great supporter of indie films and has done a few features on us in the past.

Best of Inside Report: Shane Felux

Special - Star Wars Revelations Premiere Event

I am pleased to announce that Sky and her crew are back up and rolling with a new revamped site for the "Inside Report. " I plan to do a piece for them on "Trenches" once I can get off my ass and do it.. I promise I will Sky.. in the meantime, check out and enjoy the new "Inside Report"

Inside Report Returns

Inside Report, the 'net's #1 indie film show is back and better than ever!!

Featuring a new, refined format and more in depth interviews - Inside Report is back in action over at

The first edition of the new series features an exclusive interview with filmmaker Howard Warmsley. Host / Producer Sky Wilson will be chatting to him about his latest film, "The Visitors" - about his history with filmmaking and about the benefit the internet can play for the indie filmmaker.

With the new format comes a new website too. It's more feature rich than ever before with more of a focus towards letting people know what's out there and where they can see it. We've also added a new section listing upcoming festivals and events so that you can keep your film calendar up to date! We've even added an archive of previous shows too!


If you want to promote your film or appear on the show (or if you know anyone who might), get in touch with us

For all these features and more, head over to

Created way back in 2004 by producer Sky Wilson and director Vin Kelly, Inside Report has always focused on giving the talent behind the best short films the recognition they deserve. Every edition has featured interviews with some of the best up and coming talent from around the world.

Filmmakers such as Sandy Collora (Batman: Dead End), Marty Martin (Got Milk?: The Movie, Dance With The Devil), and Shane Felux (Revelations, Trenches) have all appeared in previous shows, and we are aiming to find the next generation of talent in 2009 and beyond.