Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now what?! Economy & Entertainment

Hey gang, I have been down and out for a bit and I will blog about that perhaps later, but I am still here.
Some of you who have your ear to the industry news or news in general might have noticed things have been tough on the economy.
Companies have been laying off and unemployment is at an all time high. The economic slump effects all, from bank bail outs, the car industry, you, me, and yes even the entertainment industry.

Thursday 1/29/08, ABC announced they are merging ABC and ABC Studios into ABC Entertainment Group. They have laid off 200 employees across all divisions, and an additional 200 open positions have been eliminated.

Why do we care?? well for one, anytime people are laid off or let go this is bad. Bad for our economy and it effects people. Remember anytime you see numbers people are in there! It could be you it could be me. But also in this ABC layoff, Stage 9 Digital, the company who I made "Trenches" for was also a part of this merger and the whole team was let go. Ouch!

From what I understand Stage 9 still exists and is being rolled into the ABC Entertainment Group, but Stage 9 Digital as a separate division of Disney/ABC is no more.

As for Trenches, ABC still plans to release the online series, and from last I heard was close to making a deal, but I am sure this whole company re-org might slow things down a bit.

So as things get tough out there, we all suffer, and I wanted to wish the very best to everyone struggling. Keep your chin up, help each other out, and we will see it through together. We have a good leader of our country right now and as things might get tougher, this too will also pass.