Thursday, November 06, 2008


What a trip and back again! Oh you didn't know I was gone and on a trip?

Yeah, as I hinted at last post that my
wife and I were going on trip to celebrate our 9 year anniversary.

Well we did that last week and what a trip it was!

This post is full of pics for you, to make up the delay in my post, so I hope you enjoy.
Click on images to see full size if you like.

You see I squirreled away some of the money I made doing Trenches to celebration and a big thank you to my wife for all the help and support she gave me while I made the movie, and I thought our anniversary would be the best time.

For a year and a half close to two years I worked on Trenches while my wife took most of the blunt of running the house, the finances, the kids, basically everything, while I worked doing all I had to do. It has been a huge job and a great burden for my wife and our relationship. It takes a lot to work a 9-5 and make a film, but on the other end it takes a great deal of energy and commitment from your spouse to back you and help support along the way. you rarely see each other or spend time together.

- My beautiful wife pictured above, taken from across the bed on this trip.

Now with "Trenches" done I arrange a 3 day Disney cruise trip for us to the Bahamas!

(and no the studio/Disney did not help out at all or offer anything on that .. sorry)

This is very exciting as Dawn and I had never been on a cruise or the Bahamas. In a word it was a stellar amazing trip! I could only afford the 3 day cruise but it was worth it and we had a wonderful time. The Disney Cruise is a blast and not just for kids and families.

The service and attention by the staff is superior and the food excellent! We could not have been more pleased! Check out Video Podcast on Disney Cruises Here

We flew into Orlando a day early just so we could be sure we wouldn't have any flight delays and stayed at the wonderful JW Marriott Grand Lakes Resort, which was beautiful.

In fact we were there at the time former President Clinton and Senator Barack Obama were meeting on stage at a rally in Orlando, and as Dawn and I were leaving dinner we happened to walk right by President Clinton who was on his way to the rally. Apparently he was a guest at the hotel as well. Thirty minutes later on TV there he was with Obama on stage as we watched the speech. Pretty neat.

The next day we had the limo drive us to the Disney Wonder in Port Canaveral, in which we boarded, and off we sailed to the lovely Bahamas!

First stop was Nassau and the Atlantis Resort which we spent all day playing!

The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, is stunning and immense. The resort has a huge water park of slides, lazy river, shark surrounded tubes, aquariums, and pools. a blast of a time and we more or less did them all in the time we had.

So mush so that, me like an idiot, put my cruise pass and ID in my swimsuit back pocket thinking the Velcro would hold through such intense slides as "The Abyss", a crazy vertical drop into pitch blackness that nearly drowns you as you scream like a girl all the way to the bottom! Insane! I am pretty sure that is where I lost all my ID and any fluid in my bladder.

Long story short after worrying immensely that I was not going to be able to leave the island and get back on the ship doomed to live out my days selling sea shells on the sea shore on Nassau, the resort actually found my ID. Joy!! So with that in hand we played for about an hour and a half in the Casino and I won $250 on Craps/Roulette and went back to the ship. Not bad at all!

During our time on the wonderful Disney Wonder we enjoyed great food, martini tasting, spa treatments such as sitting buff in a veranda hot tub sipping tea as we watch the ocean and the world float by,

dance the nights away, played games, karaoke (which I sucked at), sitting by the pool, parties, and such great treats and service.

The next day of our cruise brought us to Disney's Private island "Castaway Cay"

Located in the Bahamas Disney really gives you so many choices to enjoy your trip.

Dawn and I sat in hammocks on the beach sipping tropic drinks, hung out with Stitch, and enjoyed the sun.

We went to the adult beach (no that does not mean topless) it just means a place called "Serenity Bay" for adults only.

A calm peaceful place with no kids. A place to sit and relax. Dawn and I sat for 10mins, look at each other and said "I'm bored!" So we are not adults and went back to the family beach where we enjoy the music, sounds of kids playing and activities.

We had a great lunch and even did some fun jet skying around the island. We had a blast! So all day on the beach and fun then back to the ship for more pampering and our dinner at Palos, the upscale fine Italian Cuisine.

Since our cruise was over the Halloween holiday we of course brought our costumes and went to the Disney Halloween party, and the pirate party. Good times on the high seas.

The whole thing was a wonderful trip and it gave Dawn and I a chance to spend some valued alone time together. A huge huge thank you to my in-laws for flying in to watch the kids for us. Such a treat and such as great memory of a trip to cherish. One I shall not forget and would love to do again!

So as you can see I have been trying to get some R&R and honey-do make up time in. Spending valued time with the family and trying to get my breath back after killing myself on Trenches. It has been good. Not sure what I am going to do next.

What? .. oh yeah Trenches. Well gang the last I talked with the studio the word for release was looking to be the first quarter of '09! Ouch that really sucks I know and I have no control over it.
The studio owns Trenches, so talk to them if you want to see it. It's difficult for me as well as I have always made independent film and I did all the marketing. promotion and release myself. Now it's all in the hands of others. Frustrating to be sure. But rest easy and well as the studio still very much supports and likes Trenches and they are not going to shelf it or anything. It will come out. We are just going to have to wait a bit. If you want to see it sooner make an offer, hell maybe you can sponsor Trenches. Till then, when I know something you will :)

And I did it! My vote and voice was actually heard!
For the first time I voted and I could not be more pleased. To be a part of history. Amazing.
President Barak Obama!