Friday, July 11, 2008

What's that smell? Is something burning?

That is the smell of the creative juices burning from a film maker's tallow candle burning from both ends, on both sides, around the middle, and up the back!

I have been very busy as of late and the good news is that I have now completed all the final FX for Trenches! Rejoice!!

Yes the picture is now locked to edit and visuals FX completed for the entire series! A huge thank you has to go out to my buddy Zafe, who came in and helped me get it done towards the 11th hour. I wouldn't have made it without ya Zafe!

Yes at 3:30am, Saturday July5th, with my right arm burning from 4 , 12 hour days straight of doing FX, with some help (love ya Zafe) I was able to get all FX on the film done. I then got about an hour and a half of sleep and then had to catch a plane to go out of town for my 9-5 job. Which is where I am now.

Where to now?
Now Trenches goes through the final color process which is being done by Laser Pacific on the West Coast and really is looking amazing with what they are doing. I am really pleased with the color/treatment, and Joe Hathaway ,the colorist , is a stunning artist as is the facility and people of Laser Pacific.

As Trenches is getting the final look and treatment applied, 328 Studios continues to work on the sound design and audio treatment, as the composer Mark Edmonson finishes up the socre and will then do the final mix when all audio is done.

When it's all done and put together, the studio will then all sit down together and watch the finished product, and see if they are happy with it (let's hope so) then they will work to getting it released., unless they want to do more work on the film. I am hoping by August it will be out and ready for all you guys to see as I am excited at being this close to done.

It has been a long long hard hard road to get here and I so hope it's worth it. I am proud of the film and just hope you guys enjoy watching it. So soon.. very, sometime soon Trenches will be out, but the good news is that FX and picture is completed! Now on to the frosting on the cake and maybe a few cherries.

FX shots provided by: Jim Hibbert, Greg Metcalf, Lee Stringer. Zafer Mustafa, Shane Felux

- Shane