Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Donde está Shane??

Some of you may have tried calling or tried getting in touch with me and I am sorry if I have not returned the call or been in reach. I have been away for the last 2 weeks in Panama working. Every now and then my 9-5 jobs requires me to go out to location and this time it sent me to Panama City, Panama!

The weather was hot, sticky, but being originally from San Antonio, Texas, I didn't find Panama to be that bad in terms of the weather. I didn't get to see and do a whole lot as I was working during the day and at night in the hotel I would work on Trenches as I could.

I did get out a bit thanks to Marco and his wife (Thanks guys for the kindness!) and saw some of old town Panama which has very cool Spanish influence architecture. in fact the new James Bond Movie, "Quantum Of Solace" shot in Panama and we drove by the location of the old club they used for the film.

I also did a bit of gambling while there. My last night in Panama I walked out $90 richer winning with 4 Aces in Texas Hold 'em. That was with a $6 bet on the table. A great way to end the trip.

So with $90 in my pocket I said "dinners on me!" and off we went to a great restaurant called "Beirut" which is Lebanese food. I have never had Lebanese food nor could I tell you where the country is (I suck at geography among many other things) but the food was excellent and we smoked Hukas and watched Belly Dancers perform. A great night of entertainment, good company, and a great send off from Panama back to the states.

So I get back to my hotel at midnight, pack my bags and hit the bed at about 1am. I am up at 4:30am and in a car to catch my flight at 7:30am. from there I arrive back home at my front door step in the good 'ol US at 6:30pm.. a long day.

The bad news is that while I was gone, my youngest son has been having troubles breathing and has been sick. My wife taking care of all 3 kids while I am gone has taken the little one to the doctor a few times and Saturday night when I got back in town, my wife wakes me at 3am and says she is taking the baby to the emergency room as he is having a hard time breath.

Long story short, my youngest son, Hayden, was released yesterday and doing better but still not feeling a 100%. My wife stayed in the hospital the whole time while I watched after the other boys, and my wife continues to be the strong one with doing the medicines, doctor visits, and super mom. I love ya babe! Always stronger then me.

Today I am back to work. So a long trip and then some stress when I got back, then my 9-5 job and then .. oh yeah.. Trenches. Yes still doing that as well.

So I am starting to get back in the grind and get things back up and going but bear with me a moment as I try and get things square and I will be with you as I can.