Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stage 9 - Squeegees

Well as promised Stage 9 released "Squeegees", their first of a slate of 20 programs to debut on and through online video giant YouTube. "Trenches" will be one of those programs. So go watch the first two episodes of "Squeegees" and give your support if you enjoy it. Congrats to Stage 9, and Squeegees! Very exciting

LA Times writes about the debut, Stage 9, ABC, Disney, and mentions "Trenches". It's good coverage for Stage 9 and a great start. I love the picture!

Here is Stage 9's press release from their site

Here is the question. What type of advertising and promotion do you find about the release of Stage 9 and Squeegees? Do you feel the studio is doing their job or really hitting it hard for Stage 9 and promoting their product?

What I would want to see is ads, click through, or something on major sites such as yahoo, google, etc, with banners, and I don't see anything about it on youtube yet, or really anything major but - It's still early to tell as the release just happened today. I see good fortune for Stage 9 and I think it will all grown and get bigger. Baby steps.

If I do a yahoo or google search for "Squeegees" in general on that word, I get tons and tons of non related sites dealing with window washing, janitor supplies, floor cleaning and so forth. Pages and pages that do not relate to the Squeegees new web series. If I do a specific search for "Stage 9 Squeegees" I get just a hand full of sites dealing with the new series, my blog comes up as #3 on the search, so what does that tell you, as no one reads this blog.. ok .. I am sorry, I think we are up to 20 of you read my blog now .. but what I am saying is that I want to see pages and pages talking about the new series "Squeegees" and Stage 9.
Actuall it apears there are more then 20 of you now, as it seems some of you guys are actually reading my silly rants and poor grammer write ups. Maybe I need to start watching what I am saying now.. no telling who is reading this.. what do you guys think.
Here is an article I found that Doug pulled form my blog.. what's up Doug!
So you guys are sending me some love.. ahh right back at ya.

Now think about this. I had to do a specific search on "Stage 9 Squeegees" just to find a hand full of news and sites. What if I didn't know anything about this Squeegees new series, or Stage 9. I have never heard about it, I don't even know what it is.. how would I happen to find out about it?? huh? How is it that I would just run across and watch? ..Swirl that around in your mouth for a while.. how's that taste? Because it taste like jack diddle squat to me :)

It's very early and "Squeegees" just released today, so it is very early and perhaps the snowball will build and pick up momentum. Let's be watching and help promote yourself if you like it.

The one thing about online content or the Internet in general is that everyone needs to understand it is very very easy to get buried and lost on the web. There some 7 million plus unique sites on the web. Audience are not just going to find you. You have to really let people know your content is out there and advertise, promote, market and hit major numbers of people. That takes tireless work. To just rely on viral video to happen is lighting in a bottle, or you get lucky, and sometimes it takes a long time. It actually has to be planned and worked to get people to find your content, and that means media relations, press and if your content is online that is what you should be hitting, and lots of it. TV Network spends millions on advertising. Think what would happen if then spent just a fraction of that on online advertising. I think you will see more and more of that soon. If they are smart.

One big web hit series "Quarterlife" was picked up by NBC and premiered to Tuesday Night TV Watchers and did very poorly. Even my buddy Chris covered the story, as he always seems to have his finger on the pulse of online content.

Have any of you heard of Quartlife? I bet some of you haven't. But where have you been this is a huge successful web series and has a huge following, over 6 million streams!

Ah.. so you see my point maybe?

I enjoy "Quarterlife" myself and find the writing very well done and with some engaging characters. It's not my full cup of tea but I have to take my hat off to them. It did poorly because they already showed their episodes online and on MTV, so what was aired on NBC this week wasn't new, so of course no one watched. NBC says they did great advertising for the show.. but did they? Quarterlife was on NBC front page yesterday and now you can barely find it on their site. sad.

My point folks is that audiences are not just going to magically find you. I still have people emailing me saying "wow, I just came across your site and watched Revelations. I really enjoyed it!" It's been 3 years now, and still new people discover and find it.
So let me know your thoughts if you have any. How about you Tish, your very smart :)
For me, I will just keep working on Trenches and doing what I do.. hopefully we will meet up on the otherside, and hopefully you like what I come out to show and I still have your support.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stage 9 comes up - Premiere

Here is some exciting news for you guys. The studio that is finnacing and distributing "Trenches" is getting ready to premiere and officially release their first series online this week!

Very exciting!

It's official. Stage 9, the new division of Disney, will put it's first web series and premiere this week, Thursday 2/28.

The first project Stage 9 will be releasing is a great new comedy called “Squeegees”, about the wonderful world of high-rise window washing! The trailer is now online so go check it out and let me know what you guys think of it. Here is the older teaser trailer.

“Squeegees" is produced and directed by the crazy guys at Handsom Donkey.

Adam Countee, Brendan Countee, Marc Gilbar, Aaron Greenberg.

They shall be the first into the breach if you will, and I consider them brethren of a kind, as we both have gone through the Stage 9 system and both made our films through them. We are film compatriots of different spectrums. They doing fun comedy and me .. "what the hell was I thinking" scifi. I wish them the best in success!!

I am very interested to see how Stage 9 promotes and markets "Squeegees", how it does, and what they are able to do with it. Let's see how the studio does it shall we guys?

My understanding is that the series will be online this week and hosted I believe on and others to be announced. Stayed tuned for that.

So Stage 9 comes out and is official now. First "Squeegees" then "Trenches" .. maybe.. at some point.. just watch "Squeegees" and keep sending me love.

Friday, February 08, 2008

FedCon Appearance - June 13-15 2008- Dallas

Just for an update, I had a chance to talk to an old friend Tim Brazeal the other day, who is the creator of Scifi Studios as well as others like TrekUnited, SaveEnterprise, and has been a great help and supporter to me and my projects.

Tim is know in the community as one of the guys who achieves and get amazing things done. He is one hell of a guy. He was the guy who raised millions and offered Paramount the funds raised by fans to keep Star Trek Enterprise going for one more season. On top of running Scifi Studios, film projects, and other events, Tim is also heading up one on the largest scifi conventions from Europe and brining it to the states come this year in June 13-15 2008.

The event is called FedCon and WoW do they have an amazing guest lineup!
Marina Sirtis
Garrett Wang

Paul McGillion
Connor Trinneer
John Billingsley

Anthony Montgomery
Bonita Friedericy
Menina Fortunato

So if you are into Scifi stars, excellent panels, shows, programming, and one hell of a great time, this is one you should go and check out. I will be there as well, and hopefully at that time I will be done with Trenches and can talk to you all about it and show a bunch of stuff on the film and my past experiences in film making. (As if you guys want to go to hear me talk even more.)

So mark your calendar and get all setup from the FedCon website. I will see you there!

Also, you have got to check out a new web series scifi studios is going to be putting out called IQ 145. This new show looks really high-end and great production value. I am amazed at the level of talent and professional look on this. Looks to be top drawer.

The show:
Sarah Connor Chronicles' Thomas Dekker takes a bold step into the future of Digital media with this high-end, Sci-Fi Web Series. To be released through SCIFiSTUDIOS.COM and WWW.IQ-145.COM this new webisodic experience is sure to send the traditional Network model into a real test of intelligence. As the TERMINATOR franchise simultaneously hits Network air, IQ-145 levels up what the WEB is destined to offer.

LOG: Son of a renowned, inventor/futurist father, who has mysteriously committed suicide; Nate Palmer (T.Dekker) is recruited by a secret organization to help search for his fathers last experiment.

Go check it out and see what you think. It looks like a hit to me. better then my work.. damn you Tim!