Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Homemade Hollywood- Fans Behind the Camera

Here is something cool and you should check out. A new book titled Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera
by Clive Young and foreword by Chris Gore,
(they have it in hard and soft cover- I could only make the link for the hardcover)

(Insight - Chris Gore was the guy who interviewed me on G4 "Attack of the Show" back in the day, and he couldn't say my first name right, It's Shane btw, and later I told him to give me back the Revelations DVD I gave him as a joke. Oh yeah long ago.
LOL - check it here if you want

The book has released on Amazon and if you look closely, check out who is on the cover (sort of.. well you wouldn't know it if I didn't tell you)

But yep, that top portion of the book is an image taken from the set of filming my first film Star Wars Revelations, and that is Holland Gedney kneeling on the ground, Matt and Dale Henry in Storm Trooper armor, our boom operator, and me with my back to the camera directing the scene. (I don't know who the guy on the bottom of the cover is but looks action snazzy with his camera)

You can watch more BTS of Revelations here that shot was taken from. Boy that was a long time ago, and about 15lbs lighter for me. What 5 years can do you and mid-thirties. crap!

Anyway, check out the book, Clive Young is a good guy and if you are interested in film making and film maker's experiences, tips and tricks, it's worth a read.
(they have limited copies at Amazon but I am sure they will get more)
Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera

The book interviews me and talks about the way I made Revelations and my take and insight on Homemade Hollywood. I am not sure actually what that is, or what it says, it could say I am a total tool - I don't know, as I haven't gotten a copy of the book myself yet.. Hey Clive. .where is my copy??

- Shane

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Show me a nipple!

OK, don't let the title fool you or get any crazy ideas, or send me weird emails, but I bet the title grabbed your attention.

The title is actually a line from one of my favorite Christmas movies, as I mention about each year and it is that time of year again.

Can you name the Christmas movie?

If you can, you are stellar and should come over to my house to play "Scene it"

Here is a little more of a hint with further dialogue from the film and the picture above should help too.

"I want to see her nipples."
"But this is a Christmas show!"
"Well, Charles Dickens would of wanted to see her nipples then."
"You can hardly see them nipples."
"See, these guys are really looking. You can go shake a tail feather..."

So with that said and out of the way how about a bit more fun for you guys. If you are looking for some good holiday movies to watch here are a few I love.

- How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - Jim Carrey (too damn Funny)
- A Christmas Story (classic)
- Gremlins (not for the little kids)
- The Santa Clause (love Tim Allen- always have)
- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (of course!)
- Home Alone (I got to go with it, it still makes me laugh)
- Love Actually (bring your Kleenex, a great flick)

And my favorite and 'must watch' each year, plus the answer to the "Show me a nipple" quiz
Scrooged- starring Bill Murray- priceless!!

Here is a fun little story for you. I actually have a friend who back in the day worked on "Scrooged". He was a young, starting out producer, and was in charge of shooting some of the BTS work on the film. He was on set with his small crew waiting to get some stuff when Bill Murray, the star of Scrooged, came up noticing my friend and his crew and asked,
"Who are you?"

Being young and wanting to seem funny my friend replied,
"I'm the guy"

Murray with a slight raise grin,
"Really? I bet your not"

A bit taken aback my friend smiled, and trying to ease any tension, being sincere replied
"no.. I ah.. I really am." As he was the producer and in charge of his small BTS crew, and doing his job.

Murray nodded and again smiling said,
"I bet you anything your not"
and walked off.

A few minutes later as they were getting ready to shoot a scene, my friend gets setup to shoot some BTS, then director all of a sudden yells "who they hell are those guys! Get them off my set!"

Murray proved his point and had my friend kicked off the set. To this day I still find it funny! Maybe someday I can have that honor of Bill Murray kicking me off a set. One can dream.. one can dream :)

Right, so the holiday is barreling down on us and for those 10 of you still reading out there and those of you who have been emailing me asking, "So when are we going to see this mythical, make-believe, Trenches you "supposedly made??"

To answer your questions. Trenches is done. Yep, it has been done and turned into the Studio in September. The last I heard from the sources on a release for Trenches was first quarter 2009.

That's as much as I know. But that said I think we will start ramping up and getting some more Video Blogs and sneak peeks of the series if you guys are interested. You have to let me know.

Till then, everyone be safe have a happy new year and keep your nipples to yourself :)
- Shane

Thursday, November 06, 2008


What a trip and back again! Oh you didn't know I was gone and on a trip?

Yeah, as I hinted at last post that my
wife and I were going on trip to celebrate our 9 year anniversary.

Well we did that last week and what a trip it was!

This post is full of pics for you, to make up the delay in my post, so I hope you enjoy.
Click on images to see full size if you like.

You see I squirreled away some of the money I made doing Trenches to celebration and a big thank you to my wife for all the help and support she gave me while I made the movie, and I thought our anniversary would be the best time.

For a year and a half close to two years I worked on Trenches while my wife took most of the blunt of running the house, the finances, the kids, basically everything, while I worked doing all I had to do. It has been a huge job and a great burden for my wife and our relationship. It takes a lot to work a 9-5 and make a film, but on the other end it takes a great deal of energy and commitment from your spouse to back you and help support along the way. you rarely see each other or spend time together.

- My beautiful wife pictured above, taken from across the bed on this trip.

Now with "Trenches" done I arrange a 3 day Disney cruise trip for us to the Bahamas!

(and no the studio/Disney did not help out at all or offer anything on that .. sorry)

This is very exciting as Dawn and I had never been on a cruise or the Bahamas. In a word it was a stellar amazing trip! I could only afford the 3 day cruise but it was worth it and we had a wonderful time. The Disney Cruise is a blast and not just for kids and families.

The service and attention by the staff is superior and the food excellent! We could not have been more pleased! Check out Video Podcast on Disney Cruises Here

We flew into Orlando a day early just so we could be sure we wouldn't have any flight delays and stayed at the wonderful JW Marriott Grand Lakes Resort, which was beautiful.

In fact we were there at the time former President Clinton and Senator Barack Obama were meeting on stage at a rally in Orlando, and as Dawn and I were leaving dinner we happened to walk right by President Clinton who was on his way to the rally. Apparently he was a guest at the hotel as well. Thirty minutes later on TV there he was with Obama on stage as we watched the speech. Pretty neat.

The next day we had the limo drive us to the Disney Wonder in Port Canaveral, in which we boarded, and off we sailed to the lovely Bahamas!

First stop was Nassau and the Atlantis Resort which we spent all day playing!

The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, is stunning and immense. The resort has a huge water park of slides, lazy river, shark surrounded tubes, aquariums, and pools. a blast of a time and we more or less did them all in the time we had.

So mush so that, me like an idiot, put my cruise pass and ID in my swimsuit back pocket thinking the Velcro would hold through such intense slides as "The Abyss", a crazy vertical drop into pitch blackness that nearly drowns you as you scream like a girl all the way to the bottom! Insane! I am pretty sure that is where I lost all my ID and any fluid in my bladder.

Long story short after worrying immensely that I was not going to be able to leave the island and get back on the ship doomed to live out my days selling sea shells on the sea shore on Nassau, the resort actually found my ID. Joy!! So with that in hand we played for about an hour and a half in the Casino and I won $250 on Craps/Roulette and went back to the ship. Not bad at all!

During our time on the wonderful Disney Wonder we enjoyed great food, martini tasting, spa treatments such as sitting buff in a veranda hot tub sipping tea as we watch the ocean and the world float by,

dance the nights away, played games, karaoke (which I sucked at), sitting by the pool, parties, and such great treats and service.

The next day of our cruise brought us to Disney's Private island "Castaway Cay"

Located in the Bahamas Disney really gives you so many choices to enjoy your trip.

Dawn and I sat in hammocks on the beach sipping tropic drinks, hung out with Stitch, and enjoyed the sun.

We went to the adult beach (no that does not mean topless) it just means a place called "Serenity Bay" for adults only.

A calm peaceful place with no kids. A place to sit and relax. Dawn and I sat for 10mins, look at each other and said "I'm bored!" So we are not adults and went back to the family beach where we enjoy the music, sounds of kids playing and activities.

We had a great lunch and even did some fun jet skying around the island. We had a blast! So all day on the beach and fun then back to the ship for more pampering and our dinner at Palos, the upscale fine Italian Cuisine.

Since our cruise was over the Halloween holiday we of course brought our costumes and went to the Disney Halloween party, and the pirate party. Good times on the high seas.

The whole thing was a wonderful trip and it gave Dawn and I a chance to spend some valued alone time together. A huge huge thank you to my in-laws for flying in to watch the kids for us. Such a treat and such as great memory of a trip to cherish. One I shall not forget and would love to do again!

So as you can see I have been trying to get some R&R and honey-do make up time in. Spending valued time with the family and trying to get my breath back after killing myself on Trenches. It has been good. Not sure what I am going to do next.

What? .. oh yeah Trenches. Well gang the last I talked with the studio the word for release was looking to be the first quarter of '09! Ouch that really sucks I know and I have no control over it.
The studio owns Trenches, so talk to them if you want to see it. It's difficult for me as well as I have always made independent film and I did all the marketing. promotion and release myself. Now it's all in the hands of others. Frustrating to be sure. But rest easy and well as the studio still very much supports and likes Trenches and they are not going to shelf it or anything. It will come out. We are just going to have to wait a bit. If you want to see it sooner make an offer, hell maybe you can sponsor Trenches. Till then, when I know something you will :)

And I did it! My vote and voice was actually heard!
For the first time I voted and I could not be more pleased. To be a part of history. Amazing.
President Barak Obama!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Studio Speaketh ..

The news? Well after a 30 day wait, the studio finally all sat down and watched Trenches in it's finished entirety last Friday, and the word coming down from that view is.. good. The studio execs and producers really enjoyed Trenches, actually clapping after the showing (so I was told) and it was all smiles, back patting, and thumbs up.

So the word and wait has finally come down from the suits and creative and they are very pleased. Good!

Now what?? yeah I don't know myself. Now you have to sit and wait with me as the studio now tries to figure out what they are going to do with the product and when and where they are going to release it and all that jazz. I do know they want to release it as soon as possible as they are proud of it, as am I, and we want to get it out there to ya. So that is the word and news for now. More to come.. as it comes.. when it comes, etc.

- Shane

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rednecks take the Strip

You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy.

It's all true.

As some of you might know I was born and raise in San Antonio, TX and all my family is still there. Once I moved away we started doing this tradition in which my father, brother and uncle, the Felux men, would get together each year and have a Felux men's weekend out! This usually consisted of going to the Texas coast and doing some fishing, drinking, golf, smoking, gambling, fishing and more drinking and smoking for about 3-4 days. It is a blast!

Well since I had been working on Trenches, I had not been able to get away and follow the tradition. For two years we have not able to get together and I promised the guys once I was done with the film we would makeup for the lost time. I promised.

Well I am done with Trenches and I called up the boys and said, "Pack your shit we're gettin together!"

But this year to do something bigger and something different we decided to go to Louisiana for some gambling, golf, fishing, smoking, and drinking escapades. Well guess what?! I booked all the arrangements, was about to jump on a flight to San Anton and Hurricane Ike is barreling down the Texas coast and looking more and more to be heading for Louisiana, right for the place we would be going! Not GOOD.

So I call the wife for the airport and explain the situation and my concern, and she turns around and says "Just go to Vegas. This way you guys can have fun not worry about it and have a great time. Spend the money and go have a great time with your family. You haven't seen them in two years. Go to Vegas. I will book the hotel and flights for you guys and call you when you reach Texas with the details. I will take care of it. Have a great trip"

You know sometimes I have a great wife! She can be quite amazing. What other wife would say "Go to Vegas, spend the money, I will take care of it!"

So that is just what we did folks. The next morning the Felux men jumped on a plane and hit Vegas.. Rednecks on the strip.. watch out!

To make a long story short we had a blast! It was so great to see the family and spend some time with them as I miss and love 'em.

(picture of the Felux Boys, from left to right)
- John Felux, Shane Felux,
Casey Felux (aka: little brother)
James felux (aka: Uncle Jimmy)

We stayed at Treasure Island on the strip and though not a bad place, I wouldn't stay there again. The service was poor and we couldn't even check in till 3pm and the room was still dirty and had not been cleaned. For us it's no big deal but I would expect more for this level of hotel. They had no Concierge (yes even rednecks can say that word) and I just was not impressed with the facility for the price. But again a great time.

No I am afraid we all lost and Vegas beat us this time but boy we sure had fun trying. We got in some golf at the Desert Pines Course, which is a nice looking facility and the people very nice. I came in last shooting a 118 (terrible) but what do you expect for not playing in two years. Whether you win or lose it's still fun to get out on the links and be outdoors.

So we gambled in the casinos, (we hit a lot of them) then played cards in the room, didn't really drink that much now that I think about it, but did a ton of smoking .. LOL (that's bad for you btw kids so don't smoke!)

It was a great get away and my vacation for finishing Trenches. It was wonderful to see the guys and spend some valued time together. We are all only here for a short time and if you haven't called your mother, father, brother, family in a while. give em a call and just say "Hey I was just thinking of you!"

Now I am back home (well I have been for a few weeks now.. I am behind on my blog what do you want from me, at least I gave you this much!)

I tell you what. It's a good thing we didn't try and go to Louisiana, as we would have been right in the middle of Ike when it hit and it would have been very bad. Help if you can.

Oh yeah Trenches.. well the film has been done for a month now and sitting on the studio's desk just waiting for them all to arrange a time in which about 10 producers can all balance their busy schedules to all sit down and watch it to see if they are happy and like it. They had a date and that got pushed so now it is to be this Friday 9/26 Once I hear something back I will be sure to let you know about it. But once the studio gets around to watching the series and say, likes it, then they are in charge of when and where it releases. your guess is as good as mine, but before the new year. Keep your eyes and ears open and I will fill you in as I can :)

Be good to each other as best you can and I will catch you next time.

My anniversary is coming up soon and I got big plans for that to thank my wife for all her support allowing me to do Trenches.. more on that next time.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Vote? What?

OK, for those who might know me well, you know I am not a political person at all. I really don't get involved or get into politics in any way. It has never been my bag and living here close to the Nation's Capital as I do, this is rare thing, as most here eat and live that stuff.

I will share a secret with you. I don't even vote (shhh) never had.

That's right, never have, and never got involved with it, as for me it has always been the lesser of two evils and a popularity contest in which not much is going to change or make a difference.

But this time around something is different for me. I am not going to stand on some soap box for you, as again I am not a political person, and you all can feel the way you want about your own views, but this time I just felt too strong to sit in the background and not do anything. Weird.

For any of you like me who want to come out for the first time to vote perhaps you are like me and not even sure how to register. I didn't know how to .. but here is a very simply online way. just go to Rock The Vote and get yourself setup if you want.

Oh yeah.. vote Obama! :)

Just don't tell my DC friends I have never voted before. Also, just because I am coming out this one time please don't send me your polls or consensus or fund raises, or awareness campaigns or any of that crap, please stop calling :) I will vote this time.. isn't that enough?

Here is also something I found very funny from my buddy Frank who turned me on to it as well as answering some questions about voting and candidates. thanks Frank.

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What's that smell? Is something burning?

That is the smell of the creative juices burning from a film maker's tallow candle burning from both ends, on both sides, around the middle, and up the back!

I have been very busy as of late and the good news is that I have now completed all the final FX for Trenches! Rejoice!!

Yes the picture is now locked to edit and visuals FX completed for the entire series! A huge thank you has to go out to my buddy Zafe, who came in and helped me get it done towards the 11th hour. I wouldn't have made it without ya Zafe!

Yes at 3:30am, Saturday July5th, with my right arm burning from 4 , 12 hour days straight of doing FX, with some help (love ya Zafe) I was able to get all FX on the film done. I then got about an hour and a half of sleep and then had to catch a plane to go out of town for my 9-5 job. Which is where I am now.

Where to now?
Now Trenches goes through the final color process which is being done by Laser Pacific on the West Coast and really is looking amazing with what they are doing. I am really pleased with the color/treatment, and Joe Hathaway ,the colorist , is a stunning artist as is the facility and people of Laser Pacific.

As Trenches is getting the final look and treatment applied, 328 Studios continues to work on the sound design and audio treatment, as the composer Mark Edmonson finishes up the socre and will then do the final mix when all audio is done.

When it's all done and put together, the studio will then all sit down together and watch the finished product, and see if they are happy with it (let's hope so) then they will work to getting it released., unless they want to do more work on the film. I am hoping by August it will be out and ready for all you guys to see as I am excited at being this close to done.

It has been a long long hard hard road to get here and I so hope it's worth it. I am proud of the film and just hope you guys enjoy watching it. So soon.. very, sometime soon Trenches will be out, but the good news is that FX and picture is completed! Now on to the frosting on the cake and maybe a few cherries.

FX shots provided by: Jim Hibbert, Greg Metcalf, Lee Stringer. Zafer Mustafa, Shane Felux

- Shane

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Donde está Shane??

Some of you may have tried calling or tried getting in touch with me and I am sorry if I have not returned the call or been in reach. I have been away for the last 2 weeks in Panama working. Every now and then my 9-5 jobs requires me to go out to location and this time it sent me to Panama City, Panama!

The weather was hot, sticky, but being originally from San Antonio, Texas, I didn't find Panama to be that bad in terms of the weather. I didn't get to see and do a whole lot as I was working during the day and at night in the hotel I would work on Trenches as I could.

I did get out a bit thanks to Marco and his wife (Thanks guys for the kindness!) and saw some of old town Panama which has very cool Spanish influence architecture. in fact the new James Bond Movie, "Quantum Of Solace" shot in Panama and we drove by the location of the old club they used for the film.

I also did a bit of gambling while there. My last night in Panama I walked out $90 richer winning with 4 Aces in Texas Hold 'em. That was with a $6 bet on the table. A great way to end the trip.

So with $90 in my pocket I said "dinners on me!" and off we went to a great restaurant called "Beirut" which is Lebanese food. I have never had Lebanese food nor could I tell you where the country is (I suck at geography among many other things) but the food was excellent and we smoked Hukas and watched Belly Dancers perform. A great night of entertainment, good company, and a great send off from Panama back to the states.

So I get back to my hotel at midnight, pack my bags and hit the bed at about 1am. I am up at 4:30am and in a car to catch my flight at 7:30am. from there I arrive back home at my front door step in the good 'ol US at 6:30pm.. a long day.

The bad news is that while I was gone, my youngest son has been having troubles breathing and has been sick. My wife taking care of all 3 kids while I am gone has taken the little one to the doctor a few times and Saturday night when I got back in town, my wife wakes me at 3am and says she is taking the baby to the emergency room as he is having a hard time breath.

Long story short, my youngest son, Hayden, was released yesterday and doing better but still not feeling a 100%. My wife stayed in the hospital the whole time while I watched after the other boys, and my wife continues to be the strong one with doing the medicines, doctor visits, and super mom. I love ya babe! Always stronger then me.

Today I am back to work. So a long trip and then some stress when I got back, then my 9-5 job and then .. oh yeah.. Trenches. Yes still doing that as well.

So I am starting to get back in the grind and get things back up and going but bear with me a moment as I try and get things square and I will be with you as I can.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

FearNet.com Covers Trenches

Here is one of the interviews I did while at NY ComicCon. This one is from FearNet, a great site with really good content. I love their site design! They interviewed for "The incredible Hulk" new movie, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" , "Ghost Hunters" and many more. check 'em out!

Why is it I always wink at the camera? I know.. it's because I am a dork.
Or it's just my Carol Burnett 'ear pull' gesture to my wife. Yeah, whenever I wink to the camera I am really sending a signal to my wife saying "I love you." .. yeah let's go with that, or that I am just a dork. Well what can I say.. you guys be the judge as I think the jury is still out on this one. BTW.. that's me at the end of the video making the scarry "Ooooooh" sound.. dork.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moving on

Well if we missed you at the NY Comic Con event it wasn't my fault. I looked for you. Where were you? I text messaged you! .. ah well. I will catch you at the next event maybe.

Here is a pic from the "Trenches" panel we did at ComicCon
(man Aaron needs to cut his hair :)

(photo by: Zafe) left to right, Lev Gorn, Aaron Mathias, Shane Felux

So moving on, the NY trip was good and it was great to hang out with some very good friends. Unfortunately I got sick, I think I picked it up from on of the kids, as I was feeling a bit off when I flew into town. Now I am pretty miserable.

At the event Stage 9 released a new Trailer for Trenches.
Take a look at this studio cut trailer and let me know what you think.

The studio wanted to put out something new so there ya go. I dig the movie voice over guy. That made me smile. So perhaps a bit more info and look at Trenches as we work to completion and delivery. When you ask? Err.. soon. No later then July.. how about that? :)

Hope all is well with you and send some love sometime!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Trenches at NY ComicCon & NEWS

If you are wanting to catch me and see perhaps a bit more on Trenches, we will be at New York ComicCon this month April 18-20. So if you are on the east coast and near the big apple come on out to the event. It should be a lot of fun as Comic Con is one of the best with lots to see.

The idea is that Trenches will show perhaps a new trailer (cut by the studio.. be afraid) and will air right before the new Star Wars "Clone Wars" trailer and the new Indiana Jones Trailer.

Also from what I hear, a special ComicCon message from George Lucas and Harrison Ford.
From what I hear. See the full guest list here:

The "Trenches" presentation is stated for the place and time below. Check the schedule here:


3:30 PM

4:00 PM


ABC TV/Stage 9 Digital Media present - TRENCHES

Also at the event we will be giving out these new cool "Trenches" postcards I designed for the studio. let me know what you think?

Click on the postcard image to see larger size

The Associated Press put out an interesting article talking about Trenches, and even quoted me a few times. Read the article here. "TV Studios Embrace Originals on the web"

Also NewTeeVee.com mentions us in a very cool write up you should check out titled " Weekend Vid Picks: Fan Films Good Enough to Fool You" Thanks for thinking of us guys!

The one really cool thing is this live action "Legend of Zelda" (fake) trailer that was put out on April fools and man is it impressive. I fell for it to as I thought it looked awesome. The gaming site IGN, got people good with this one. Check it out.

Other Other News
Trenches now has full picture lock (thank you lord) what that means is that the studio has signed off on the full edit of the film and now the process for color, treatment, sound, music, FX call all focus on completing the film. Rejoice!

The funny thing is that picture lock is a huge piece off my shoulders but it's like this.
Crawling through the desert dying of thirst while burned at day and freezing at night., knowing that just over that next distant sand dune is civilization and salvation.

And so you crawl and crawl looking only to that distant sand dune and when finally at last you crawl up it, your mouth caked and dry with sand, your mind baked in the hot sun, that when you finally crest that sand dune.. . you look out and see..!
More sand .... and another distant dune with the teasing promise of hope.
Head down we start to crawl forward.

Yeah, it's kind of like that. So be my mirage and catch you at NY Comic Con :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

When I Grow up ...

Here is something different and fun for you guys.

When I was a kid (ok still am) but regardless when I was younger, my aspirations had always been to be involved in movies, theater, TV ... The industry (though I didn't know it was called "the industry" for a long time.. in fact I just found that out thanks to this thing called the inter net.. or something)

Anyway, when I was young, it was a film called "Star Wars" that opened a new dream for me, "wow, I know what I would like to do.. I want to be involved in that .. somehow!"
yeah it's cliche but true.. sorry. Then a film called "Indiana Jones" and for a while I actually pursued becoming an archaeologist and researching the arc of the covenant.

My Grandmother gave me tons of religious things to read about the arc. I then soon realized archaeologists really don't carry whips and have exciting adventures, but really sit in some squaller sweating to death, while meticulously sweeping dust with a tiny brush for hours on end, to then discover "look I unearthed a tiny piece of a pot that looks more like a lump of dirt.. wow"

(to all the archaeologists out there .. I am sure it is a fascinating job, so no offense, but not for me) Plus I found out you have to be smart to be an archaeologist.. again .. not me :) . I think we are safe though, as I do not really see many archaeologists reading my blog.

So at a young age if I could not be these things, I could possibly play them, or make a story about these characters and adventures, and so at a young age I pursued it.

My first job in front of a professional camera was I think age 9 or 10. It was for an HEB Grocery store company training video. You know the ones they make you sit and watch when you join a new company.

Yeah, that was the one. I played a young Howard E. Butt, founder for HEB ( which is a huge grocery store chain in Texas where I am from)

My mom at the time worked for HEB and when they were looking for children to she knew I had a dream to do movies and so forth and brought it up " I have a son who would love to do it"

and I did and from then on I had the bug. I still do. From then I had done may other projects. I have done outdoor theater, stage, live TV, commercials, feature films, indies, industrials.. you name it. Everything but porn.. still looking into that one .. JK ;

And I couldn't have done it or gotten where I am (still just a little guy buy living the dream) with out my family and there support.
Love you mom!

So when I was home the lest Christmas holiday (I am behind, give me a break) my mom dragged out these old pictures of my first time on a set and my first acting job. She even still had the old VHS tape. So here it is for you, a retrospect look back when I grow up ... (look how cute I was!)

I have posted pictures of my first time on a set (wow the 70's) and my first short acting job. even then it was a lot of hurry up and wait :)

Now today I still would not be able to do this without the support of my friends and family and though she reads this blog rarely, a big thank you to my wife! It's very hard I know.

Note: If you watch the video, notice how the kid (yes that me) actually looks at the camera .. amateur! So when I grow up I want to be in movies .. let me know how it turns out, as I am still waiting to grow up .. someday.

So here is my 5seconds of fame at age 10. Boy I sure could pull a wagon back then, just look at the dedication and believablilty, I really believe his is pulling a wagon and loading grocerys. genius. Well we all start somewhere, and for me it was at a young age.