Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What gives?

Hey gang, well I am still swamped busy working on Trenches day in and day out and way behind schedule. Doesn't that always seem the way of it. Well it's a good deal of work as you all might know. The edits are coming along, though slower then I would like, but we are grinding away at it.

A typical night or day for me will be say this past Sunday. I edited for about 9 hours straight and got about a little over a minute of footage done. Yeah, good times locked in a dim edit room for hours on hours. but it's getting there.

Some of you have emailed and asked "So when is Trenches coming out!?"
Well we were shooting for an end of October release (Even I felt that was very ambitious.. ok impossible really) but that has been pushed out due to life, studio, technical difficulties, and simple hard-man working time. This happens a lot in production but one I am not familuar with as i do not tend to be behind schedule to much. Of course past film I set the schedule and deadline and simply got it done when I got it done.

Will Trenches come out at all? Oh yes, you better believe it! After almost a little over a year working on this, yes it will be finished. I am projecting for the beginning of 2008 or 2080 , which ever comes first.

Seriously, Trenches is looking now at a release in Febuary or so. Bear with us and I think your wait will be worth while. There is some great work being done. Below I have posted here for you a little treat to show you a test CG shot from the film. This is a first pass render test from two of our Trenches FX team: CG Supervisor Lee Stringer and FX Artist James Hibbert.

Trenches scifi CG Evac Ship Test Render

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