Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This is some pretty cool news guys and something I am pretty amazed at. Remember last year how our film "Pitching Lucas" won the top two awards in 2006?

Well this year LucasFilm and AtomFilms are doing the contest again and this year they have opened the contest up to Star Wars fan fiction! This is a big step for the fan community and fan film makers, as fan fiction or serious fan films have never been officially recognized or acknowledged. That has all changed this year thanks to the kind support of Lucas and AtomFilms.

This year they have changed the rules and "Revelations" is an official entry in the 2007 Star Wars Film Contest!


Go check out this years film entries and support "Revelations" if you enjoy it, and who know maybe this year we might be honored once again by the audience or George Lucas. The fact that "Revelations" still continues to live and be recognized is quite remarkable by me.

The dream of the little guy still doing what he does.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Here are a few more pics from the set of "Trenches"

The behind the scene photos are courtesy of Stephen Lesnik, who has advised he has opened his pictures up to public and you can select and see them all here:

Enjoy the pics and I will update on the blog as I can. Only two more days to go for filming. At some point I am going to need to get the "Trenches" official film site up, uhh, only so many hours in the day.
Till that time comes just continue to check here on the director's blog and here pretty soon I should have some new news about "Revelations" I am hoping to share with you. Just a bit of a tease.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

12 days in the can.. Seeing the light

Well, I now have 12 days of shooting "Trenches" in the can!

It has been some hard work and I have to give great thanks to my wonderful cast and crew. Remarkable hard working people and the results of every one's effort really shows in what I am getting on film. I am very pleased with the performances and we are getting it all done. I have finished filming in the Quarry in Virginia, where we finally got to play with the creatures some, thanks to the designer and builder of the "Trenches" creatures Pete Mander.

I have also finished the bunker scenes and studio shoots in Maryland. So moving on.

Only 2 more days of filming and I will wrap principal photography and go heavy into post.

As always it has been a long hard road and some long hours, but 14 days to shoot a 55min film is really pretty damn good! Especially on the scope and scale for a film like "Trenches"

I will wrap filming on May 13, have a week break and then head to LA for the Star Wars Celebration IV event.

If you are interested here are some more BTS pics from day 7 of "Trenches" - CLICK HERE