Friday, April 28, 2006

Afraid of the Pitch?

Well the door has been cracked some more and we got some interest from a big fish out there to see what sort of ideas we might have for some new projects. I can not disclose who or what, but I can tell you about the experience.

A few days ago I got the opportunity to pitch to a major studio who approached me saying
“let’s make something, we are interested"

The funny thing is I got this call on my cell from the studio Exec. VP while I was on set shooting my short comedy piece. I had about 30 people on location at the time and didn't have a lot of time to talk, but we opened a communication and eventually that came to an actual meeting with me pitching to them some of our ideas. Now don't get to excited, it nothing like a big feature or millions of dollars or anything.. come on stay with me here, stay grounded. You have to walk before you can run.. and fall and trip and hurt yourself bad.

Now I have spoken with various distributors, smaller studios, a few fairly large producers and so forth, but this is the first time for me to talk to the big studio directly. And they came to me... that is a lot better they you soliciting them. In a sense I lost my virginity, as it was the first time at this level that I got to pitch, and I have to say they were very gentle and kind. It was fun and I hope I get more opportunities and get better at it. Just like losing your virginity, the first time can be nerves, clumsy, and awkward while you are trying to figure everything out. I still can not unhook bras from that back worth a damn.. but from the front I am golden.


I am still amazed that in this industry you find that not everyone is a jerk, and the horror stories you read are not all true (though some are) Sure they are very fast talkers (as they are very busy) and the pace is quick, but I have found that there really are some pretty good people in this industry. I have met a few various contacts and have been amazed at how grounded, kind, and just down right pleasant they are. Drew Struzan is a name that comes to mind who I think is an excellent person in the industry. Very nice guy! As well as people I have met at ILM and various writers and directors. They are just like you and me and enjoy doing what they do. They have families and dreams and started somewhere once too.. just like you and me, and they are pretty damn good at what they do. It's the ones who treat people bad, or look down on them, or think they are hot shit and know it, or have huge ego or the world owes them something.. Oh man those are the ones to watch out for.. .wait a minute that ME! .. ah.. nobody is that and a bag of nuts. I don't care who you are.

Now don't be fooled however. Everyone talks a good game and they might say how much they want to make you the next big thing and how your film and art is so brilliant and so forth and so on, but in the end guys what they are looking for is to make money from you. Of course, it's show BUSINESS, not show show. Just always keep that in mind and make sure you get it in writing and don't believe anything till you do. They can talk, say, and promise all they want and you stay polite saying "oh that's great" but till you see it on paper in a contract it don't mean shit. For me I don't play the game, I simply tell them what I think and feel and leave it at that, and hope they like our ideas. I try to keep it simple in a complex business. Perhaps that's why I am not that good at it.

But my experience at my first official pitch session was good and I got through it fine, and they actually liked one of our ideas, or at least zeroed in on one of them. What I did and how this worked, since it was a prelim meeting, is that I conducted it via a phone conference. I created a website with our ideas that had concept art and visuals to perhaps help the studio see the vision and idea of the logline and story. Anything to help them see what we are looking to create, and seeing as I am east coast and they are west coast, I thought this would be the best way to pitch without me physically being there in front of them waving my arms around, making sound FX with my mouth and big hand gestures while jumping on their couch and crawling on the floor to demonstrate the action. :)
So, just as I made my films, I conducted my pitch to the studio via the internet and a phone conversation, as I have experience talking and directing to people without ever meeting them in person. It worked fine I think and the response I got at the end was

"We like this idea and will look it over, think it through, and give you a call next week to talk further"

My response to that was " oh that's fine. I am use to the 'Don't call us we'll call you' scenario. No worries"

To which they responded "It's not like that at all. I am very prompt and we will speak next week. We just want to take all this information you have given to us in and then see what we think of it and what we can do with it. We will talk again."

Either way I am fine with it and look forward to speaking to them, as I stated they were very kind and gentle and it was not as bad as I thought the whole thing would be. After the call I was drained however. If the whole thing goes to serious "let's do it" mode then I would have to present and pitch in person and that is much better then over the phone.

Was I nervous? You bet, but I always get stage fright, I always have. Every time I go on live TV or even just to speak on stage I get nervous, but that is just your body prepping you to do what you have to do. The trick is to take that negative energy and make it positive as your body is giving you what you need. tough to do sometimes, but just tell yourself "what do I care. Just be yourself and enjoy it. If you screw up, so what! Your human and these people are no different then you" the trick sometimes works, sometimes not ;)
Just be yourself.

So will it work out and do we make a sale with these guys? I am not sure, but you know me (or perhaps do if you read this blog stuff of mine) I won't hold my breath and try and stay grounded. I don't believe much till I see it, but you have got to try and keep doing it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vivent Les "Révélations" - One Year Anniversary!

How could I have missed to post this significant event?
April 16 ( just this past Sunday) marked the
One Year Anniversary of "Revelations"!
Isn't the gift for one year paper? Ok everyone send me money! Come on now in the spirit of the One Year Anniversary.. you don't want to break tradition do you?? :)

Anyway, for the One year anniversary of "Revelations" I am releasing the special eddition, digitally enhanced, director's cut. Now with 4 new added scenes and audio remixed with THX, plus 30 mins of footage! .. Yeah Right!! Not happeing!

One year to that date we premiered the film to a full house of 900 people at the Senator Theatre in Baltimore, MD. And what a night it was! We had people come from all over to support the film, some even driving in from Canada, and then furthest distances, people came in from, Germany, Sweden, and UK.
So on April 16th 2005 "Revelations" was released and now one year latter, was it worth it, did we get anything out of all the 3 years of work, did we learn anything, and where are we now? Yes, and Yes.

For fun here is the original PREMIERE website for the film where you went to get info, tickets and all that jazz one year ago.. would you believe I still have the site files ... ahh the good old days. And be sure to play the "Jawa Hunter" game again!

So I declare the end of March to be Vivent Les "Révélations" Day! So take off work and join the revelation, or something!

Llooking back to that day of the premiere, I have to say I shall never forget it. It's like loosing your virginity the first time, and no matter what you do in the future or where you go, you will always remember your first time. It's magic, it's special, and of course it's nerve-racking leaving you a shaken, frightened, but the good kind, and leaves you just saying "wow, can we do that again!?"
I highly recommend you trying it.. Make a movie and show it off!

Now it is not all easy to premiere a film and especially when you have so many coming, and when you are a small independent film like us and you do it all yourselves. You can't afford to do it any other way. There is a ton to coordinate and I will not even go into the details of that.. Its mind numbing. Just think of coordinating a huge event like a wedding and then double it :)

Though I will tell you one good war story. The night before the premiere I went to the theatre to insure the picture looked good on screen, that the sound was set right and that everything would look, and sound as it should. Well, one of the problems was that we are presenting the film on a digital projector, which is great, but the film is a DVD, and it was burned by myself, at home. Now as you might know some DVD players can play all DVDs and some can not, and some are just finicky, well the Senator Theatre's DVD player did not like my disk, so half way through the viewing the picture just goes dead.

I am sitting next to the owner of the theatre and give him a look. He grabs the walkie-talkie he has to communicate to the projection booth “What the hell happened!" he yells.

The projectionist we hear relays back "I don't know, it just stopped playing"

Long story short it was not a good thing and I was concerned. Now I had two DVDs with me, one was a special version I made for theater projection, and the other was just for regular TV viewing. The regular TV viewing disk played fine, but just doesn't look at good on the big screen. So what happened is my wife, co-producer, and writer of the film, throws me in the car and drives me back home to create a new DVD theatre release disk (a 2 hour drive one way back to our house) Now at this point I have not had any sleep for about 48 hrs already because of all the things that have to be done. But After many tests and so forth I burn a new DVD, watch the whole film on my DVD player at home and insure that it plays seamlessly (that took a few hours) So then I take my DVD player and the new disk and after waking my wife up " Come on, I’m done, let's get back to Baltimore" we then drive back.

Because of all the events and things I have to do the next day I can not get to the theatre to test run this new disk and my player to make sure it's all good, so I call my DP, Jack Foley, and ask him to do it. This was a huge inconvenience for him, but he did it, and it gave me a great piece of mind. Thank you Jack! So in the end it all worked out :)

But the Premiere.. Wow. We had some many supporters and great friends there and it was just an honor to share it with all of them. There are so many people who made "Revelations" possible, and to this day I do not forget it and consider many of them like my family and friends!
My wonderful cast .. Gina, Frank, Holland, and great back up crew and support like my wife, Sarah (you rock), Jack, Sean, Kathi, the many many extras, my brother in the 501st and Ghetto Garrison, on and on.. Thank you all for everything!

My CG team is comprised of artists from around the world, and none of us had really met till the premiere event, as I coordinated all post FX for the film via the internet and phone calls. But most of them all came to Baltimore, MD to partake in this huge accomplishment and event.
We did it and to hell with the nah sayers (as you will find there are a lot of them out there!)
Thank you guys for all the awesome hard work!!

So in the spirit of the "Revelations" One Year Anniversary I present to your the Premiere Event footage, special courtesy of "Inside-Report" who flew all the way from the UK just to cover the event, and also Zap's own video footage of his trip to the premiere and I think me in my underwear (imagine that! .. Damn I am one white Pollock)
Day One
Day Two
Premiere Day (80 MB QT)

So, one year later and what has happened. Well, we got a good deal of press as you might know on CNN, CBS, MSNBC, USA Today, LA Times, Washington post, Knight Ridder, BBC, Tech TV, CBC, Intel, Adobe and various magazines and internet articles around the world. Not bad and still today we get a few press releases and coverage such as the one Channel 5 "The Gadget Show" in the UK did last week., and it's a year latter. I am amazed and greatly appreciative to the kind support and interest.. I really am.
I also got to visit ILM, and have lunch at Skywalker Ranch (a huge honor and thrill for me)
and we have won a few awards in the last year for our film.

What has it gotten me? In terms of financial return, nothing, but that is not why me made the film in the first place. If you think about the experience, the exposure, the wonderful people I have met and what we have done.. I would have to say the time and investment was well worth it. It still hurts my pocket book and my children's chances of going to college, but what can you do .. I had to do it and try. That said, other the year I have gotten a few emails and phone calls. Some from small studios and producers, who are really looking to dangle a carrot in front of my face and say "If you do this for us, perhaps we can get you something better" when really what they want is for me to do something for them like "Revelations" on the cheap and quick. I don't do that, and I am not that desperate! I have had a few small agents and managers call to perhaps represent me, but they were not from the big rep houses such as William Morris, and the idea of agent from some mom and pop place made me nervous and actually a bit scared of success. (By the way Success can kill you as much as Failure and you need to be prepared for both. If you are not prepared for success you can just as easy lose if your not ready) I don't think I was ready, as I didn’t expect that big of a reception.

I am not sure even now I am ready and as I said success does scare me some. I like security, who doesn't, but I have a family to support and the big bad unknown of the industry, the big studios and the suits are scary as hell. If I was young and single again, hell yeah, but now, I am not willing to throw my pecker on the line to have it get ridden over and crush just for some fat cat to get rich and hurt me family.
Anyway.. What else. It has interested some distributors and they have actually come to us saying "We want to distribute and finance you next film .. Yeah, till you read their terms. Let's get real and call me when you really want to do something and talk is just that talk, and I am a doer and once I say “enough talk" you better be really to roll or I am gone. I do not believe much till I see it in writing or on a check.. It hasn't happened yet.. But a lot of talkers out there.

So yeah, we have HAD a few bites and I am still TALKING with a few, but pretty soon I just might make my own move again if someone doesn't shut up and put up. .. to be blunt :)
I am getting that itch again, as I just about to finish this short film and I am looking ahead.

What have I learned? Hmm, well how not to do things for one, an how to do others, how to improve, and what is it I really want. I have learned and experienced that making a film is a remarkable thing and it's not for everyone, the thing that always baffles me is why so many people want to do it? The funny thing is most of us are just pretenders, but it's the people who really do that make and shake the film world. There really are not that many when you look at it as it's a special breed. I am sure you know some guy who has been working on his film for the last 10 years and all he talks about is his pompous work of art. then finish the damn thing! But he won't.. he is too afraid. Afraid it won't be good enough (it never is pal!) or afraid of how people will judge, or if he fails. by not doing it you can never fail.. I say you do.
But I also learned that people are remarkable and will give their all if you inspire them, lead them and give direction. Most people will follow, but you have to give them a good cause and a good light to follow, and that is tough. I know what is possible and what can be done with very little, again not easy to do.

Where are we now? Still working a 9-5 job, paying the bills :) Actually I got a new job role in my company that I am very pleased about and am now an Avid Instructor teaching clients how to edit and use the Avid software. And "Revelations" DID help me to hand this new role. In the interview process once they saw what I did and was capable of, I think they were impressed.
So still in debit (I will be for quite sometime) continuing to teach and talk about what we did to anyone who is interested, and raise my family.
Though I am still going on the film front and pretty soon you will see something new and we ARE in talks about some other projects, but no more freebies! I can not afford it. I have made some great contacts making "Revelations" and many of which could really help out. We might look to raise our own money with investors for a feature film, or see if the distributors are serious and want to work a deal.. Perhaps a studio is interested in what we are doing. There are things in motion right now, but I am just focused on what I am doing now, finishing the comedy short, working my day job, paying bills, keeping the house work and choirs done as best I can, and paying bills : )

"Revelations" one year later. Would I do it again? Yeah, but it would take some serious persuasion and I really would want to do a better job. Happy Anniversary Team.. Let’s make some more memories and do it again! :)

We shall see

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dolby and NAB 2006 with Panic Member

Here is a piece of news I wanted to share. With us currently working on a new short film project we have picked up a few new artists to join the ranks. One of these new artists is
Mark Edmondson, who is the supervisor of postproduction audio at the Discovery Channel.

Mark came to us as a huge Star Wars fan (who isn't) and jumped right on board with us doing all original music, sound design and engineering for our next short film (which I can not reveal just yet.. yeah, yeah.. your sick of me saying that (Hype, Hype) But I can tell you this, Mark's work is astounding and makes me giddy when I hear it. Wait and see.. you have no choice :)

Mark is a stunning talent and I am very pleased to announce him as being a part of our volunteer production team.

Mark will be at the NAB 2006 conference this coming week, as he will be a speaker at the event and be availible at the Dolby booth to answer questions or just talk jiv about sound stuff (that's what he does and does it well) In case you have never heard of NAB, it is the world largest electronic media show. From entertainment to news to business communications, NAB2006 is the only global event that covers the entire spectrum of media. A very cool event (wish I could go) Anyway it is being held in Las Vegas April 22-27. Check out the site here.
All out best to Mark at NAB and for being featured on the Dolby Website.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Holland Hopeful

I got great news yesterday for Holland Gedney, and I thought I would share it with you guys as we are excited.

In case you guys do not know Holland Gedney played 'Raux' in Star wars "Revelations", and after the premiere, Holland was finishing college and looking to start her career.

She came to me asking if I could come and videotape her singing to create a demo reel/audition video for her submission to join the"Cirque Du Soleil" production. I told Holland "Ah we can do better then that" and I blew the whole thing into a full production to create Holland a music video that shows her stunning talent, skill and beauty.

So with two days of shooting (one on location in a nasty alley in Baltimore, MD, and the other in studio) and only 2.5 months of time, and about $2,400 later we had Hollands music video.
This was all done on a small scale with a crew of seven, one actor, and one FX artist
(and again no one being paid to make it, just everyone volunteering for the love and belief) .

I am really pleased how this piece turned out, and Holland is wonderful to hear and see.
She did a stellar job and it would appear that "Cirque Du Soleil" thinks so as well, as Holland sent them her headshot, resume and the music video, and she just got a call asking her to come in and audition with them. That was the news Holland called to share with me yesterday. This is very exciting for us! Go Holland!!

Our goal was to create a strong music video for Holland that would get people to perhaps raise their heads up and pay attention to her talents, and it seems to have worked! Nothing makes me happier and I so hope Holland gets the job. Knowing that I had a part in making someone elses dreams come true.. that's what it is all about, and Holland deserves it. See, so once again the little guy can perhaps do something of notice.

I just hope she remembers us little people when she is big and famous and remembers who got her started and believed in her.

Go check out Holland's website, watch the video/ pictures, listen to the music and see what you think, and YES that really is Holland singing! Very talented.

Watch it on IFILM vote, leave comments, and support Holland.
We wish her the very best!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Loose Lips Sink Starships

This is just a short one guys, but some of you have been asking, emailing, and posting "what are you working on, what is this Star Wars comedy short you are doing right now, When can we see it?!"

Look guys you have no idea how much I would like to tell you and share it all with you, but I can't right now. We are working very hard and post-production is doing all it can right now. It's not ready and I don't want to over hype it (of course maybe I am creating hype by not talking about it which could be worse as people get more curious about stuff you can not tell them about or they do not know about, and then they get even more hyped and start making up things) Hmm, damned if I do damned if I don't.. story of my life.

Ok, so I will tease you guys a bit and release you ONE picture. .one, and this doesn't give away to much other then an awesome costume .. CHEWY is in my short film!
Now everyone on the film signed an NDA and can not release info about the film till it's out but I can.. it's my film. So if anyone on the cast or crew sees this, no you can not post your pictures or anything yet .. not till the film is out guys.

Anyway, just for you five people who read this board this pic is for your eyes only :)
The Chewy was made and worn by Darren Blum, who drove with his family about 7 hours just to come shoot with us. A great guy and a remarkable piece of work he created. Thank you Darren! So I stand a whopping 5'7" and Chewy stands at about 7'3" or so.. freakin huge!

I promise you guys you will be the first to know when I have news to share.. stay tuned, and thanks for all your support!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Panic Struck Pro on UK TV "Channel 5"

UPDATE Watch the clip from
Channel 5 "The Gadget Show" HERE - MP4 file 4.66MB

I am amazed as we come up to the 1 year anniversary of "Revelations" (April 16th) that we are still getting coverage and press for the film. I never thought we would do so well or get such attention as we did, and it still amazes me. I figured some local news might cover what we did and that would be the end of it, but I didn't expect the remarkable title wave of press such as CNN, CBS, MSNBC, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, Washington Post, CBC, BBC, Tech TV, plus magazines, internet sites and newspapers from around the world.
It is a thrill and we truly appreciate all the kind interest and support.

So with that said, I have been informed, Channel 5 in the UK on their segment called "The Gadget Show" will be airing 30 seconds from "Revelations" and a quote from myself (be afraid) which airs tonight at 7.15 pm British Summertime. It will also repeated on Saturday morning at 11.15 am, so for our UK fans out there, let me know if you guys catch the airing of this piece on Channel 5 and let me know how it turns out. A big thanks to Channel 5 and all our mates across the pond.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Kid Stays in The Picture .. and more

One of the things I just recently been turned on to is this new Ipod technology (well it's not real new, but I finally got on the band wagon)

My wife bought me one last Christmas despite me frowning and saying "Now what do I need this for? It's just another walkman gadget and I don't have time to use it. It will go to waste."

My wife explained " No you can watch videos on it, listen to tons of music without having to carry around all those CDs you have, as well as listen to podcasts and more"

Hmm, well my wife is smart, and she actually is the one who is in charge of hooking up the entertained unit, surround sound, and all that jazz at home. Not me, and I have no problem with that at all. That is not to say I am not technical it's just somethings I do not get into, and this Ipod fad was one of them. And as it happens sometime.. I was wrong, and yes dear you were right. This Ipod is pretty damn cool. You want to know why?

Well my commute to work is about an hour to an hour and half, and that's going only 30 miles one way :)
So I sit in traffic day in and day out, and a good friend of mine, a writer from LA of all places, asked me.
"You read a lot?"
"yeah "I say," but only at night"
"Well if you have an Ipod you can listen to books on it. All you have to do is download the book to your Ipod and enjoy"

Now this perks my interest. Hmm. So my friend Pete recommends a book called "Disney Wars" by, James B. Stewart, and it is a fascinating book about the Eisner dynasty as the CEO of Disney and the craziness of the industry as well as what goes on behind closed doors of big studios. It is a very interesting read and I recommend it to you.

So after this first book (which I have now listened to twice) I am hooked on this Ipod revolution and I am thinking "This thing is great!" It almost makes my commute, bumper to bumper, enjoyable. I just listen and learn to some great stories and books as I drive to my 9-5.. not bad. I even come home to my wife and say "This thing is great, can you get me some more books for it?"

Well my buddy Pete recommends another good book, all of which is in the sublect I enjoy reading right now about the insight and looks of the crazy industry in film/TV.
This next one he recommends is by far one of the best I have read (or listened to really LOL)

It's called "The Kid Stays in the Picture"written and narrated by: Robert Evans, the actual bad boy and past king of Hollywood. This is one hell of a great book and life story, but the thing that really has me enjoying it as how Evan's tells the story!

This guy is a piece of work and has me laughing while the guy next to me is flicking me off in my morning commute. I don't care, I am enthralled in hearing the story of Robert Evan's rise, and fall and the many encounters such as; Errol Flynn, James Cagney, Jack Nicolson, Mia Farrow, Mike Todd, and Francis Ford Coppola, to name a few, all the while it's all told by the actual guy.. Robert Evans.

The thing is, when the book first starts and you hear the author speak in this rough deep bass, that assaults my ears at first and I think " is this guy speaking through a throat kazoo"
but quickly he grows on me and the way he tells it.. Mr. Evan's is one hell of a story teller and it would be fascinating to meet this nut as the guy who did so much and having most of Hollywood hating him while he did it. Crazy!
I just wouldn't want to meet him as my boss or studio producer, or maybe I would (shrug) Nah this guy would eat you for breakfast lunch and dinner, and save leftovers in a doggy bag to take home.

Anyway, if you guys are into the Ipod thing and are wanting insight to movie making, the industry and history of the movers and shakers in film I have got a few good ones you will want to download and enjoy. These books are not about "how to make film" but the tell you a lot why films you have seen got made, who made them happen, and how it all came about. It all gives you a good look at what happens behind studio doors and the big suits who run them. It's a true glance at Hollywood and the crazy, crazy people who run in and who run screaming away from it.
Anyway be sure to read:

"Disney Wars" By, James B. Stewart

"Shoot Out: Surviving Game and (Mis)Fortune in Hollywood " By, Peter Guber, Peter Bart

"The Kid Stays in the Picture" By, Robert Evans

On a side note I actually did give Mr. Evan's office a call (would you believe the kid is still in the picture) heh, any way I just wanted to let him know how much I enjoyed his stories and excellent book (not that his office would care :)
Anyway I simply left the message with his polite assitant .. I doubt if Evan's will get the message but that's not really the point, the fact I wanted his office to know people out here enjoyed the work Evan's put forth. Hey remember what do you have to lose and to hell with them :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some people .. "Can't Burn DVD"

OK, I figured I would share this story with you guys as I have to say it made me laugh. From time to time I get a fair amount of emails from and about "Revelations" and most of it is "Can you do FX for my film for free" , " I would like to star in your next film", " here is my script I would like you to read" and even some "Your film was awesome and thank you".

Then of course every now and then, and not very often as I would think, I get the " you suck" and "Your film sucks worst then you". We have talked about this before and that's just the way it is. People are funny.

Anyway I get this email yesterday .. and it reads
Subject: Can't burn DVD

"I have downloaded your *#%$$ed up video and I cannot find anything that will extract test files and make a DVD move out of this 3.49gig file. What a $#@!ing waste of this. Piss on your stupid movie, could you have made it any more difficult"

Now I just had to laugh when I read this! Let me get this straight you hated my film so much that you took the time to donwload the 3.49GB file and spent even more time trying to burn it to a DVD and got so mad that this FREE film wouldn't work for you. Are you serious?

Some people.. I tell you. I give you a FREE film, which I worked 3 years while working a 9-5 job, raising a family, and spending money I do not have to make it ( I am still in debt) and even provide people with the DVD artwork , the disk art and even pay for the server and bandwidth to host it, again all FREE to people, and this guy is bitching because he can not get it to work, and is mad that it should be made easier for him?! perhaps I should tour about the world on my magical sleigh delivering free DVDs under people's pillows while they sleep.

When I burn a DVD it's done right on my home computer in my basement with the cost of the blank DVDs, photo paper, DVD cases, and the ink it takes to print, and then the time to burn, print and essemble. (about 1 hour total per 2 disk final set)
It's not do through some fancy duplication service. It's just me and my wife.

I don't know any other production or site that even offers a DVD quality download of their film for FREE. We didn't have to do that, but we wanted to give viewers as much as we could and even at our own expense with no compensation other than the pride people might enjoy it and that our work is being watched and hopefully appreciated.

So I had to laugh guys and here was my reply to our friend

"LOL .. your email is quite humorous. If you are having problems burning the DVD, perhaps you are just stupid, as I can tell your not polite :)

But if you want you can email and he can talk youthrough it. We have had over 500,000 who have downloaded and burn the disks with no problems. And if you are so upset why don't you get your money back.. OH that'sright it was FREE!!"

So I was polite with a bit of sting, but I just couldn't resist. At least I didn't close me email with
"and kiss my ass" as I so wanted to. See I can hold back and be nicey nice.. right?

And if you would like to download the "Revelations" DVD 2 disk you can do so from HERE