Monday, March 13, 2006

Come back Shane

Ok first off, anyone who uses that line on me "Come back Shane, come back!", would find a deep scowl on my face or a non-amused smirk. You would be amazed how many people still say that line, so yes in fact my father DID name me 'Shane' after that 1953 Alan Ladd film, and no I never liked it. Though I am also Irish and Shane also means John, my father's name. So there ya go.

Though what kind of gun fighter is named Shane?
So my father was a big western fan, I love the spaghetti westerns as well and others, but why not pick something tougher like Jeesie James, Garrett, or Jossie Wales! Though Jossie is not really a tough name when you think about it is it?

Anyway I am sorry I haven't written you guys in a while and have been just extremely busy and overextended is a better word.

I have a new short film project I am working on and I have hinted at it some to your guys in a few earlier posts. Yes it is Star Wars related in some regards and I just completed 42 hours of shooting in 4 days (2 weekends of work) and so the entire filming is in the can and I am pleased with the results.

Now before you start posting and emailing saying "what is it Shane and let us see it" you are going to have to wait and see :) The piece should be released around June or so and of course I will clue you guys in when it comes out. We had quite a turn out for this short film and people came from all over to participate.

We have people drive in from NC, MD, upstate NY, Boston and other fly in from places like Los Angeles and Indianapolis. The first day was 15 hours of shooting with about 40 people on location. It was a long day but we got some stunning results. So once again I turn a small project into a large production. It's not worth doing unless you go all out as much as you can my friends.

Currently now I am post-production for the short film and that entails the edit, sound, music, FX, and on and on. On top of that I have been in talks about the full feature I am looking to start soon and perhaps something else with a studio involvement. Nothing to report yet, and I don't believe much till I see a name on a check which I have yet to have seen making my films. Perhaps that is to change soon. So I am still here and have not abandoned this post just yet to the 5 of you that read this blog ;)
More news to come as I can report it to you. A few things are in the works.