Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Adobe Spotlights "Revelations"

I am very jazzed to announce Adobe has released their Spotlight Article on Panic Struck Productions this week. This is pretty cool for me as I am a huge Adobe fan. I practically grew up on the stuff, teaching myself with a book and just by doing.

The wonderful thing is that there are many many talented artists out there that have done just that. Taken an affordable solution and applied themselves to creating wonderful works. Even the younger artists are picking it up and doing incredible things. Very exciting.

When I was making "Revelations" Adobe was such an easy choice, as I know the software and it was affordable yet very powerful. The entire film of "Revelations" was edited on Adobe Premiere Pro right in my basement office on a PC I built from the ground up with a single P4 processor and 1GB of RAM. So nothing fancy.

We used just about everything Adobe makes practically. After Effects for the composite and 2D animation work, Encore for DVD authoring, Golive for the Web, Audition for some sound work, Photoshop for all promo work, posters, Digital matte painting, and other 2D. I even used LiveMotion for the flash intro I had on the website. Told You I was an Adobe fan, and who isn't!

Adobe is one of the largest leaders in graphics media and makes affordable, powerful tool that get the job done. To me it was an honor for them to spotlight our work on "Revelations"

Today you yourself can pick up off the shelf the Adobe Professional Video collection for like $1200 and you have a full production solution right there. Add in a simple PC and a digital Video Camera.. There ya go.. Now go make your movie!! It's no different then what we did the first time.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Panic Trek Outing

Whoa .. who's that guy!?

Well I will explain. This past weekend, believe it or not, I went to a Star Trek Convention called Starbase Indy.

I can hear you now "Star Trek!? What gives Shane?"
Actually for those who know me, I go to Star Trek Conventions quite often, as well as other great cons such as DragonCon. Some day I need to attend ComicCon (that is where Lucas got his break really) You forget I enjoy Scifi in general, and yes Star Wars might be my first love, and yes there are things I do not like about other scifi stories, though in general I still enjoy a variety of scifi/fantasy films, books, etc. I like it all really.

I also go to these conventions to have other fans see what we have done ("Revelations") and I also give panels and talks about film making and how people can do the same thing I did. I tell them all the tips and tricks. Share the knowledge!

The reason I went to this last convention is that I was invited by a recent good friend Tim Brazeal.
(he's a scary lookin guy, but don't let that fool you.. big ol softy.. hell of a great guy! We got along well as you can see .. and yes I am a dork
(note to self .. cut back on mixed drinks ;)

If you have not heard of Tim let me give you some background. He is the guy who started Trek United and Save Enterprise and basically founded and started a movement that raised close to $3.5 million through fans around the world to keep Trek alive for one more season. That is huge and an enormous accomplishment. Pretty impressive!

The fans were actually going to pay Paramount to keep "Enterprise" alive on the air waves. Paramount turned the fans down and basically closed it doors to Trek deeming the franchise was exhausted and fans were no longer interested, even when fans rallied together and raised a good deal of capital to support Paramount's product. Crazy. So Tim refunded everyone's money back, even taking a lose on it through his own efforts. Fans like us are crazy, but we make things happen

So here is where I come in ..
MSNBC had me on the show once to talk about "Revelations" and later invited me back to do a debate with Tim on the all holy war topic of "Which is better Star Wars or Star Trek"

This was just a case of the media trying to use stereotypes and create entertainment on TV through Tim and myself.. Well it back fired on them! As both Tim and I got on National Live TV and both said " I like both, and neither is better than the other!" It was a "Can't we all just get along" type thing. And as much as the media tried to pit Tim and myself against each other, we just were not going to have it, and what the media tried to do to form rivals of Star Wars against Star Trek, actually formed a strong friendship.

So Tim and I have been talking to each other after that interview and perhaps will be doing something together in the future. I support what he is planning on doing in which he is bringing fans and the Hollywood industry together to make a new franchise to keep scifi and the dream alive! This is pretty big and a cool concept. If anyone can pull it off it's Tim!

Now back to my convention experience at StarBase Indy. I had a hell of a good time and want to thank the kindness of Tim and his family for treating me so nice as well at the excellent staff I met with Trek United! These are some good people, and I love meeting fans like myself who all share a common bond of scifi, and love to have a great time. I always get to meet some great people and industry people.

One great treat was to meet, Herbert Jefferson Jr, the original actor to play "Boomer" on Battlestar Galatica.

I also ran into George Lucas!

Actually this is George Starkey who is known as the best George Lucas Look alike .. and man does he. He stars in the film "Saving Star Wars" go check it out!
It was so funny to see George at the wet T-shirt party hitting on a bottle of Capt'n Morgan.. it made you do a double take.

Speaking of party, I go to one and I am happy to say I won the "Best Buns" contest! Hey, there is feather in my hat! Who needs Oscars and Emmy awards.. I have the "Best Buns" award! LOL

A special thank you to all the ladies at Starbase Indy who voted for me! It was all for charity and it's good fun. I also got to pour the water for the wet t-shirt contest, which was funny as Tim's son Chuck bought me one ticket for who should get the honor of pouring the water on the girls, and who's number should be pulled out of all the tickets? But mine! LOL .. Thanks Chuck! So maybe more of you out there should go to Trek conventions and so forth, you would be surprised how these people party and really let go. Wow! I'll see you there.. first round is on you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Newest Release - Music Video

Many want to know what I have been working on since "Revelations" and one small project I have been doing is a music video for Holland Gedney. Well, I am very pleased to announce and release that the music vid is out and you can download and hopefully enjoy it.


This was a small project I took on and was filmed on location in a nasty Baltimore city alley and in studio for greenscreen. We used a small crew of about six and one FX artist. The whole thing between 9-5 jobs, paying bills and family took 2.5 months to complete and it was again a pro-bono job. It was a way to support what I feel is an excellent talent (Holland Gedney) and gives us a chance to do what we love to do. Film!

Overall I am proud of what we did with so little (why does that sound familiar) though I do feel I missed the mark again and not pulling out the level I was going for. I am very pleased with the look/feel, the edit, camera and talent, however some aspects still don't hit it for me and I am always looking to do better. So we will just keep growing and working if we can. I hope some of you enjoy it, as again it was done using the solutions and technology you have right at your own fingertips and you could do this as well, perhaps even better. So if you enjoy this please send and share it around to everyone to support Holland and maybe we can get her some good exposure.

A huge thank you to my crew who make all this happen for me (the people I work with are awesome and again they are volunteers. We do this because we love film, and working together to create something special) Thank you to Holland who I felt did an awesome job, she looks smokin hot and really nailed this performance, and what a voice.. wow!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Calling Mr. Lucas .. Follow-up

So, if you will recall from one of the later post I did in fact send a presskit and DVD screener to Mr. Lucas and I have a reply to share with you that I got in the mail on nice LucasFilm LTd letterhead.

(quoted from the letter)

" Dear Mr. Felux:
George Lucas is away from the office but has read your letter dated October 25.
While he appreciates the sincerity of your request, he regrets that he is not able to have a look at your film. We hope you can understand that the pressures of his schedule are tremendous.
We wish you continued success with your filmmaking career."

So there you go gang. It's an official blow off letter, but what did you expect!?

I can understand that George is very busy these days, and wish him the best. It was nice for him to even take a look at my letter. Most of the times it goes right in the trash by a receptionist or intern. I have found despite how busy and big LucasFilms Ltd. is, they will always take your call, not transfer you to voicemail hell, and they are very real and human over there. It's really a unique company and they don't seem to look down on you. I can appreciate that .. I really can. It's good business.

I look forward to seeing what those guys at the Ranch and beyond come up with and will always be a supporter. At least they were nice enough to even write back and even sent my press kit back too (saves me a few bucks)

Hey at least it's not a "Dear Mr. Felux, please stop calling and bothering us, we are very busy and you suck! .. P.S. your movie sucks too and I am sending Lawyers and Gunguns to break your knees. Love Goerge"

At least we tried guys and remember doing nothing will get you nothing, so continue to dream, work hard, hone your skills and try and be nice to eachother out there!