Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Where do you go from here?!

Well OK, I stepped into the blog scene as I was recommended by a few friends to do so (yes I have a few friends, but I call them acquaintances :)

anyway I figured I would give it a try and see if I can give you guys insight and so forth in what's going on with Panic Struck Productions, future film projects, myself and so on.

I figured if Frank Hernandez (who played Declan for me in "Revelations" can have a rant and silly rave blog .. hell I can't do any worst then that LOL.

Other than my spelling and grammar sucks so I give you fair warning now, as I do not want to get email of
"you know you misspelled this and this sentence structure is wrong"
because I am here to tell you your emails will fall on blind eyes..

I am going to introduce you to my own form of writing and language, which many feel is not really of this planet.. I agree. So, English teachers, Publishers, Reporters (like Tish) Sarah and my wife, run and hide now as I am sure the way I write will scare the hell out of you :)
The rest of us .. have a good laugh.