Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Dead Update - Travels

Yes I know it has been a while since I last posted. I am not dead or trapped under anything large and heavy, but my 9-5 job has kept me busy with travels and then of course family and kids is a not stop thing.

Let's see.. where to begin? Well Film News first:
Trenches is fully released now and you have hopefully seen all the Episodes.

I truly appreciate all the kind words and support. (still has not released for overseas viewing)

It seems like most of you enjoy Trenches and nothing makes me happier, then perhaps making some more film projects.
I have not heard any news or requests for a sequal or continuation, but Pilot Season just ended and things have been busy. Who knows.
Watch Trenches here:
YouTube and HuLu

In a few weeks I might be going to work on a studio TV Show to learn within their system. We shall see and I will keep you updated on that if it turns about.

So what have I been doing?? Traveling a lot for my 9-5 job, teaching video editing and multimedia. This time my travels once again took me to Okinawa, Japan (one of my favorite places) as well as Bangkok, Thailand.

As usual I ate to much food in Okinawa and had a great time with the students I teach. Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit as I love the culture, food and people. It's always fun for me.

Bangkok was hot, hot as usual, but I got some great shopping in and was able to get out of the country just as the Red Shirt protests started to escalate. The Red Shirts stormed parliament the night I was getting ready to leave. I was away in the east for three weeks.

I then came back home for a short bit only to head out this time to the Mediterranean on the island of Cyprus, Birth place of Aphrodite, playground of the Gods. Or so they say.

I ate way to much food.. I kid you not, as I came back to the states 10lbs heavier .. and for me that is a lot. So fat!

The interesting thing about Cyprus is that it is part Greek and part Turkish occupied. So you can speak Greek for a bit, then cross over and speak Turkish and it feels like you jumped from one country to another.

It was fun and I enjoyed a good coffee and Hookah or what they call a "Nagila" or shishain other countries. It's a waterpipe with flavored tabaco like Cherry, Pineapple, etc... the best is apple cinnamon. Since I quit smoking over a year ago, I still enjoy a good Cigar or Nagila from time to time :)

I don't get to see a whole lot when I travel usually as I mainly work all day then crash. The jetlag also catches up to you, but I saw a few sights and mainly enjoy the company of the students and people I met.
So I am not dead.. not yet, Just doing my thing like all of us and trying to play regular life for a bit. Summer Baseball games, cub scouts, paying bills, work 9-5, do household chores, life..

One thing. I plan to take the family on a vacation this summer to Florida and the HUGE STAR WARS party..
Star Wars Celebrations V

I might be a guest speaker there telling all and sharing my filmmaking knowledge as well as pieces of my past films, including Trenches. It is one hell of a great time and the largest Star Wars Event you have ever seen. I hope to see you there and be sure to say "HI!"
George Lucas himself will be there, as well as huge celebs like Carrie Fisher and more!.
Tell 'em, Shane sent ya :) .. Summer is heating up!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TRENCHES - Not overseas

I am sorry guys, but I was wrong. I thought with the release of Trenches on YouTube and other sites that it would be available for our overseas viewers. I was wrong, but I am told Crackle is looking into foreign rights. Sorry, I guess you can do a PSP or something maybe.
- shane

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trenches on YouTube Released

OK .. I know a lot of you viewers are overseas and not in the US and Crackle only has release rights in the states. You have been asking when can I see Trenches? Well you can watch the episodes now on YouTube!

Yep, so go get your Trenches fix on and I hope you guys enjoy it!
Go share it and comment all over.

Here are all 10 Episodes which you can of course embed and share on your websites and solcial networks.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trenches - Final excellent release.

Hey gang. It's been a busy few weeks which I will update with you at a piece as I can. For now, If you have been watching and keeping up, you would know we have aired all 10 episodes of Trenches at

Yep, it's all true! if you missed it be sure to check out all the episodes. We appreciate all the support and it seems from the responses that many of you are enjoying Trenches.

Keep it coming and share the links with everyone and post all over. The more we can get people to watch the better!

I know many of you overseas viewers would like to see Trenches as well. It's coming soon for you all as I am told.

Who is Shane Felux?
What to know more.. Crackle gives an interesting insight in my background and how Trenches got sold and made. Get a view behind the scenes of it all and know me better if you want. Read the episode One Crackle Blog Entry for Trenches interview.

I also had a chance to talk (ramble .. ramble) with my good friends at Slice of Scifi. Check them out and the interview with me about Trenches. Thanks to Mike, Summer and the crew for all the support!!

I have more to share with you guys here soon.
- shane

Another Treat:
Lead Star Mercy Malick does an interview with Cinefools. Take a good look and read. Her picture always spices up my blog and makes me look bad. Love ya Mercy! On her way to stardom.. hope she remembers us little guys. READ ARTICLE

Watch Trenches remaining Episodes:

From Crackle: 8: Snafu

From Crackle: 10: Charlie Foxtrot

Friday, February 26, 2010

Trenches Episode 7 Released

It starts to unwind as we get more and more of the Trenches Story. You still watching?? Are you a fan? Hopefully you are still out there, wanting more and enjoying Trenches as it unfolds online :)

Here is the latest: Episode 7 - The Suck

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Andrews wondered why the Kuzaan had evacuated and now he learns what secret they had been hiding. Can anyone make it off this rock?

From Crackle: 7: The Suck

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trenches Episode 5-6 released & Podcast

Well the story of Trenches reveals more and more as puts out further episodes.
Check out the latest online.

From Crackle: 5: Shallow Grave

Also A huge thanks to Steve Riekeberg for the Podcast Interview at:
Geek Cred Episode #39 Check it out as I ramble :)

Exclusive In the Trenches - eGuiders. We Search. You Watch.

Exclusive In the Trenches - eGuiders. We Search. You Watch.

Friday, February 19, 2010

SciFi Dinner Interviews Director Shane Felux

Here is the latest update on Trenches with reviews, news and even interviews coming out such as what we get today from the SciFi Dinner Podcast.

Check it out and see what you guys think.
Listen to PodCast Interview now.

So if you want to get some background on myself, film making as I see it, as well as the coming about and the making of Trenches and so forth. Go check out SciFi Dinner.

Thanks so much to Scott and Miles for the kindness and support!