Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There has been a great release with Trenches and it seems a good response. Just you be the judge and tell me. In three days we have had some great replies and comments. Thank you all for all the support.. but stop slacking and let more people know :)

Here is a great one! My good good friend Marc Linn who was the co-editor of Trenches as well as doing pit-ups for me got some great coverage from all the networks in Rapid City. I LOVE this!

Marc Linn and Linn Productions Rocks!


FOX NEWS - Video

NBC NEWS - Video

Marc Linn makes internet history making Trenches the first ever made for web film for 5 mins. I love it all and Marc you rock!

Here is also a review from NewTeeVee. Now you tell me what you think. It seems like a good review. READ THE ARTICLE - Trenches Light on Details, But Delivers Hard Sci Fi Action
but go post you thoughts and comments if you like!

and of course watch TRENCHES :)

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