Friday, February 05, 2010

Getting Closer!

The month of love and grueling sweat, blood, tearing feral war, and monsters.. ahh ... l'amour!

Yes this is the month of Trenches releasing online at February 16th. So just as you get your kissing and chocolate fix in Trenches hits you hard! Here is the Official Crackle Trenches page.


Join the Official Trenches FACEBOOK. Come and join all the cool sexy people in the Trenches and ... will you be our friend? :)

A huge thanks to Mercy Malick, Trenches is finally back up on IMDB, and slowly being populated with all the info.

So look for that soon. Thanks so MUCH Mercy!
Now post some more sexy yoga pose pictures :)

Trenches was accepted in the Virginia Film Festival!
Very very cool and honored to be a part of the festival!
So if you want a chance to see the series it will be showing at the beautiful

Byrd Theater in Richmond, VA: February 28th at 6pm:

The Byrd Theatre
2908 West Cary

Join the Festival on Facebook

Here are more details of the Festival and the shows and times.

I plan to try and be there to see the shows and answer questions on Trenches if needed.

So as we get closer please share the word of the release on Trenches and the Crackle link in which you can see the series for free online.

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