Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trenches on Blog & More

As we get closer and closer to the release of Trenches on February 16th, further news, support and promo comes from various venues. Already we have seen news from the LA Times, Tubefilternews, World Screen News and many more you can find HERE in a Google news search.

That said, one of the coolest to share the news is
Check out the Blog post here. Star Wars Fan Movie Winner directs Trenches

This makes me smile so big as LucasFilm and Star Wars itself is what inspired me to make my first film, even as an 8 year old child to set my dream in films.

And because I am on my blog I can post the unaltered pic of me on set with the LucasFilm cap (LA Times took out the logo) as I always shoot in a LucasFilm cap.

Also another great Star Wars plug comes from .. my old stomping grounds, and still old haunt of friends and fans. Always a fan still a fan. Check out the article here: New Trenches Online Series Coming Soon

The idea is to get the word and news out as much as you can about Trenches. I would appreciate any help you can do or offer. I would love to smoke Crackles server to the ground with traffic LOL

It's happened before and can only happen with your help and support. Unleash the hounds! How about a good slashdot effect

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Mark said...

I am waiting patiently, but it is hard to. Any way that I can get a sneak peek before then ~wink wink~