Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LA Times Covers "Trenches" & More

As we near the release of Trenches online the official word has come out and the LA Times picked up on the story.
You can read the article HERE

With that said I can now release and tell you guys Trenches will release and air online at Sony's Trenches will be their big release for the month of February.. Ahh the month of love, and scifi action war.. oh yeah!

Get Ready for Trenches!

So mark your calendar and get your groups and the word out.
February 16th Trenches premieres at

While your at check out their original "Bannen Way" pretty impressive stuff with a great cast. Some nice work I think you guys willl enjoy.

Marc Hustvedt over at Tubefiler news had the following great article. READ THERE NOW

There is also a release of the news on the NEWSWIRE


Simko said...

Awesome news ,glad to finally be able to see it and you knever know what it can lead to if it gets good praise.

Marius said...

I was excited when I saw the Tubefilter article, as I'd never heard of Trenches before, and it sounded like fun.
However, after some research I found that I won't be seeing it, because you're releasing through Crackle, which is exclusive to the USA.
You are alienating a lot of potential fans, and I hope you'll consider releasing worldwide.
Thank you and good luck with the project.