Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year - another round?

To all friends and family let me say Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe event. We are hoping for the very best of 2010 as '09 was a rough one.

(I thought Hello Kitty would make things better and give you a smile to start the year. )

Right, so on to important things

Starting off, I had hoped the New Year would reveal some good news from the Spec Doritos Super Bowl Commercial we completed in October, but it was not to be I am afraid. Sorry gang. In fact I was pretty surprised out of the 4000+ entries on what Frito Lay picked as the 6 finalists. Go check out the picked finalists yourself and congrats to those who made it!

I have to say I am very proud of what our cast and crew created and thank all of them for what we did with such a low budget. Thanks to all the friends and supporters. We gave it out best!

You can check out the commercial from here:


Trenches is scheduled to release this February so you will get to see it very soon online!! Fianlly, so that is some great news for 2010!

I also have to thank Steve and Rain for the great party New Year's Eve Party. it was a wonderful time.

Also thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes it's great to hear from you all. Just another day older :)

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Joseph said...

Glad to see you hanging in there Shane. Looking forward to getting a copy of Trenches.

Joe Carney