Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What's the DECISION? Great new release! Check it out

I have to give the ups and a huge support to my fellow Stage 9 Filmmakers at Handsome Donkey. They just released with Sony's with their latest new online series called "Decisions, Decisions" and I really have to say this is some fun stuff!

Here is the Trailer:

From Crackle: Trailer

Decisions, Decisions follows Roger Ponders (Brendan Countee) and Patrick Shruggs (Adam Countee) as they fight off the tedium of the average workday by playing a hypothetical game of questions and answers.

The writing is really solid and smooth. Good editing as I know they worked hard on it. I love the moron/smart wit and the real brilliant ideas Handsome Donkey pulls out. These guys have always had the goods, and they just keep getting better. "Decisions, Decisions" is the perfect example of it. The acting is spot on for all the casting. From camera to production value and the stellar work of Brandon and Adam Countee.. Damn these guys are fun to watch!

My biggest thought on this work, and I do not say this often ... I want more!!

Here are some of my favorite bits, but you have to watch all of them as they are all really ALL GREAT.. no joke. Great job guys! I am a fan!

From Crackle: Tinman or Studio Audience?
Would you rather have to dress like the Tinman OR live your entire life in front of a live studio audience?

From Crackle: Chuck Norris or Pink Dildo?
Would you rather only be able to open doors by kicking them in like Chuck Norris OR have to carry a bright pink dildo with you everywhere you go?

From Crackle: Salty Old Sea Captain or Doc Holliday?
Would you rather have all of your e-mails read to you by a salty old sea captain OR whenever you play poker you become Doc Holliday?

These are just a few. Go watch all 15 episodes at and share the news.
My favorite line? "I am going to go get your purse.. you get naked" LOL
Great stuff!

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