Friday, December 11, 2009

A Roll in The Snow - Underwear Rally

Dec 5th I participated in this year's Underwear Bike Rally, in which bikers suit up in cold DC Metro weather and ride for charity donating unused and unopened underwear that go to the local homeless shelters.

Last year they had around 75 riders, so I figured this year I would ride and give something back.

Trouble is it SNOWED.

I started out at 9am as the event start 40 miles away from where I live. I am currently riding on a '92 Harley Fatboy which is a great ride.

I figured I am in for this event, rain or shine.. I should have thought about snow.

Right off the bat going down the highway my helmet visor fogs and ices up, so visibility is really poor.. very poor, plus it's freezing cold. I have to ride with my helmet visor cracked up letting in the freezing wind and ice. I figure. "It's snowing but it's just wet and not sticking. It will let up"

I get to the starting location, Coleman PowerSports, and after some coffee and time warming up I am good to GO. Problem is that the snow keeps coming and is piling up. NOT GOOD.

We were scheduled to ride out at noon, but with the conditions we wisely decided to roll early. The smart people came in cars and trucks to ride and support the charity. The others like me rode their bikes... Let's just call them crazy. There were about 12 of us total, and a few begged off once we got on our rides. Then there were 10.

Right off the bat we could hardly get out of the parking lot due to the ice and snow. We had to get a running start, or be pushed to just get on the main, UNPLOUGHED roads.

I have driven in bad conditions, but "this is nuts!"I am thinking. Two bikes go down right in front of me trying to stop on a sloped hill at a light. My tail-end is also sliding out behind me as I just try and keep the Fatboy straight and on two wheels as I slide past the downed riders.
(then there were 8)

Those still up get separated from the leaders and not sure where to go and visibility is really bad. Ice and slush has collected on my running boards and my boots are covered frozen. It's cold and getting worst. Bikes have little traction with just two wheels.

Just me and two other rides go on together. I am familiar enough with the area in which I can get us to the drop off point, Patriot Harley in Fairfax, VA, and boy are we glad to see it. One of the sales managers looks at me and says "I might be ugly, but I am not stupid! Even I have enough sense not to ride in that"

We got in safe, and the guys who fell were collected and taken take of, no injuries other then some scratched bikes and pride. I dropped my drawers as it were adding to a great collection of unused underwear.

So with some warm coffee and good company, we tell our stories laugh and help a great cause. We rode in some bad conditions but the sad part is that some people have to live in it.
Help each other out and GIVE as ya can. Happy Holidays!

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