Monday, October 12, 2009

X-ile Shoots Again - the latest project

Put away wet, tired, sore and ..well tired, this weekend saw some action in Richmond, VA as X-ile Pictures rolled into town Friday and started their latest project .. and why am I writing in 3rd person?

Yes. still recovering but WoW what a fun busy weekend, I got out and filmed my latest new project and I have to thank all the amazing talent from the cast and crew that was apart of this weekends adventure! Great team.

Also a huge HUGE thanks to the Virginia Film Office, as you guys Rock, especially you Kat and Andy. Also a big thank you to the city of Richmond, Capital City Police and mnay others. We couldn't have done it without you and not half as smoothly.
So car chase, ninja alleys, roof top chopper chase, jumping through glass windows .. just another weekend for X-ile Pictures :)

I am very please with what we got in the two days we were in town as the footage looks great. I can not really release just yet what I am doing, but it's kind of fun, action packed as always, short and sweet and just a little small something that I can share with you come November (yes I have to get this one done fast!)
Enjoy a few shots from the shoot. More to come as I can, but I have to start editing :)


Ingrid said...

Thanks again for a really fun experience. The shooting went extremely smoothly - your cast and crew rock. Can't wait to see the end result some time next month.
Ingrid (Chris' wife)


Thanks for the kindness and support Ingrid. I am glad you guys enjoyed being on the the set and Chris seemed like he had a good time. I know I did. Huge thanks to Chris for being a part of it and the Jag :)
- shane