Monday, October 19, 2009

Trooping for Scouts - Pack 1383

Just a fun little post tonight guys. My son, Ian (age 8) is in the cub scouts and I always enjoyed it when I was a kid. Plus with all I do and my schedule, it gives me and my son time together and to teach as well as learn from each other, and have some fun.. even if the Pack Leader is crazy.. you know who you are Bill :)

Anyway.. tonight was Halloween night for the Pack so I dusted off my old Trooper regalia. I have not suited up in about 2-3 years I am shamed to say, and I am even a member of the proud 501st Legion: Vader's Fist , Garrison Tyranus, (or was till they read this maybe) I am on inactive duty/ stand-by in case the empire needs me ..OK!

The 501st does some great charity for children and events. The guys go and visit sick kids in hospitals as well as raise awareness and funds to support. Like the Make a Wish foundation for one. Plus there are a great group of people who know how to have some great fun!! If you want there is sure to be a local 501st Garrison in your area. You don,t have to be a trooper but any and all Imperials or Bounty Hunters :) Join, support, and have fun!

But I was very pleased I could still suit up. I had to suck it in a little, and yes still short for a stormtrooper, but still looking good! (picture is blurry.. thanks to cell phone)

Now bear in mind folks this is the original trooper suit I built and worn in Revelations. That was in 2002 ladies and gentleman!

I later wore that same suit again in Pitching Lucas as I was the Trooper who get's flipped by one of the fem troopers. No one wanted to do it in their suit, and I do not blame them, as I broke one of my shoulder bell doing the stunt and also one of the screws in my helmet punctured my head when I flipped and hit the mat .. I still did one more take of the shot just to be sure, blood and all (the things we do for movies)

This trooper suit and I have history together, so it was nostalgic to pull it out and suit up.

Anyway.. It still fits gang! So the old man in original classic trooper armor and the son in clone trooper regalia .. oh life is good. Happy Halloween.

Also if you want to support pack 1383 and my son, the Scouts are selling their Popcorn to do their yearly fund raiser. 70% of the money raised goes right to the pack to help pay for uniforms, activities, camp, books and so forth.

You can purchase online supporting my son Ian and Pack 1383.. He get's prizes and awards the more he sells, plus it's popcorn and snacks!!!

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