Sunday, October 18, 2009

Help me, Help you, Help me - Own History

I liked the title.. I thought I was being pretty witty..

OK, so here is the deal gang. Times are getting tighter and with the completion of my last commercial project I just shot last weekend, I had to spend a few bones I didn't have. It costs to pay for car rentals, hotel rooms, food, gas, cast, crew..

Yes further debt.. but I feel strong about this current project I am working on that it is worth the risk and investment. I think you will enjoy it. Here is where the "Help me, help you" part comes in.

I am selling off some of my film props and collections on Ebay.

Yep.. original film screen used props from my first film "Star Wars Revelations" as well as a few from "Pitching Lucas". A lot of these props I made with my own two hands so perhaps you will get some of my own blood, sweat, and tears along with your winning bid. Just think of the value of that! .. OK don't think of the value of that come to think of it.. but think of the piece of history you will own!

You can say.. "I was there, and bought a piece of sh@#! to remember it all!" OK.. I am just being funny as the props really are not sh@#!, but kind of cool.

So if you want to help out and own some of my props here is your chance. I am selling original screen use Ligtsaber props from the film " Gina,, if you want yours get it now!" costumes, patches, props, a little of this and that as I find and pull it out of storage, even my camera at some point the Sony FX1

Help me, help you, help me .. pay for my film debt and feed my family :) CHECK OUT THE AUCTION

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