Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trenches Closes Deal !

Here is some fun news. My weekly status check in with the studio hits pay dirt today!

My contact says to me " Perfect timing! I just got off the phone and we have closed the deal for Trenches!"

Congrats and awesome! It's taken some doing with the economy change and changing of the guard at Disney and ABC, but Trenches is still a product they are very proud of and have been pushing.

So good news and congrats to the team out there!

Trenches has a buyer, closes the deal, and now goes through the process of when and where the buyer wants to release online. I am not sure if I have permission to release the name of where Trenches will reside and who bought it, but I can say it is another big studio with a good product and branding image and they have a site I think Trenches will fit very nicely in and shake things up a bit maybe :) I feel it is a good match and proud to have them supporting Trenches.

So good positive news out there. It looks like Trenches will release in December is what they are talking about. I will share more official news with you as I can, but till now consider yourself plugged in and informed gray market style ;)

So if your still out there and wanting some "Trenches" then stay tuned.

While I wait for Trenches, I actually am gearing up to shoot a fun action commercial. Car chases, ninjas, helicopter roof top chase.. you know... the norm for me :)

All for a 30sec spot! I got the spark again thanks to my good friend Zafe, and Marc so they are to blame for it all! I am going for it and see what happens. I will let you know more when I have something to show you, but it should be fun. Here we go again!!


Simko said...

Awesome news :)co

Phoenix said...

Shane that's excellent news to be sure! Thanks for the update. I'll let everyone thats been asking about Trenches know.

When are you doing this commercial? It sounds like a fun project. If your looking for extra's again I could be game for more.

Chad said...

Woot! I'm ready and waitin'