Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trenches - Sneak Peek - Review

What you missed it?! Well don't fret too much, but as you might know (if you read this blog and love me.. Kelley Slagle does she was there!) we did a very special, and small sneak peek showing of Trenches last weekend at the Farpoint Convention in Maryland.

First let me say thank you to everyone who came out and for all the kind support. It's been a while since I have gone to an event and it was great to see so many good friends and colleagues. We had a fun screening of roughly 70 people who watched Trenches and after the first episode played the audience roared, cheered and clapped. A great response.
We watched all 10 episodes (yep the whole thing) and at the end people once again stood up cheered and clapped. A fun night to be had.. where were you?? Well you will have to wait for the online release to see it. based off the audience reaction we got at Farpoint, I think you will enjoy Trenches :)

Here is a very kind Review of the Trenches Screening by Dennis Bailey.

For me it is the greatest reward and very important that a cast and crew who worked so hard and killed themselves for little to no money, in the end feel that the film and end result of the work was worth it.

I make films for myself and my audience, but I also want them to be something my team is proud of and something they are glad to say they were a part of. You hope it gives them something back. Nothing is worst then working on a film for little money, long hours and such time and commitment and then it comes out and just sucks and you think "wow, I gave myself for that?!! Damn!" And then it hurts other small independent films because people don't want to work on them because they have been burned and have a bad taste iin there mouth.

But I also want the film or product to be part of the reward. Because we don't have the money to compensate them what they are truly worth, you have to hope the film will give something back to them. Give them something good for their demo reel, a strong resume line, a possible job and further their career and the accomplishment of team and doing what they say can not be done. That you can point to something hopefully good and say "I was a part of that, I was there.. we did it!" And after all the mud, blood and tears.. I say we did do it :)

Thanks to Farpoint for the continued kind staff and support, to everyone who came out and for all the drinks that night. I think it was very clear that I had way too many!


dennisbailey2006 said...

Nothing kind about it, Shane. I was just astonished. :-)


Well let me say, what a hell of an article you wrote there Dennis. I am flattered and thank you! I can always use supporters like you. let's hope when the studio releases Trenches we can get the rest of the audience and Industry to feel the way you did.

Kelley said...

YAY! It was great to see you!

SpatCave said...

You forgot to mention that on Saturday night, after the screening, we also auctioned off some of the screen used props and costume bits for charity!