Sunday, December 07, 2008

Show me a nipple!

OK, don't let the title fool you or get any crazy ideas, or send me weird emails, but I bet the title grabbed your attention.

The title is actually a line from one of my favorite Christmas movies, as I mention about each year and it is that time of year again.

Can you name the Christmas movie?

If you can, you are stellar and should come over to my house to play "Scene it"

Here is a little more of a hint with further dialogue from the film and the picture above should help too.

"I want to see her nipples."
"But this is a Christmas show!"
"Well, Charles Dickens would of wanted to see her nipples then."
"You can hardly see them nipples."
"See, these guys are really looking. You can go shake a tail feather..."

So with that said and out of the way how about a bit more fun for you guys. If you are looking for some good holiday movies to watch here are a few I love.

- How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - Jim Carrey (too damn Funny)
- A Christmas Story (classic)
- Gremlins (not for the little kids)
- The Santa Clause (love Tim Allen- always have)
- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (of course!)
- Home Alone (I got to go with it, it still makes me laugh)
- Love Actually (bring your Kleenex, a great flick)

And my favorite and 'must watch' each year, plus the answer to the "Show me a nipple" quiz
Scrooged- starring Bill Murray- priceless!!

Here is a fun little story for you. I actually have a friend who back in the day worked on "Scrooged". He was a young, starting out producer, and was in charge of shooting some of the BTS work on the film. He was on set with his small crew waiting to get some stuff when Bill Murray, the star of Scrooged, came up noticing my friend and his crew and asked,
"Who are you?"

Being young and wanting to seem funny my friend replied,
"I'm the guy"

Murray with a slight raise grin,
"Really? I bet your not"

A bit taken aback my friend smiled, and trying to ease any tension, being sincere replied
"no.. I ah.. I really am." As he was the producer and in charge of his small BTS crew, and doing his job.

Murray nodded and again smiling said,
"I bet you anything your not"
and walked off.

A few minutes later as they were getting ready to shoot a scene, my friend gets setup to shoot some BTS, then director all of a sudden yells "who they hell are those guys! Get them off my set!"

Murray proved his point and had my friend kicked off the set. To this day I still find it funny! Maybe someday I can have that honor of Bill Murray kicking me off a set. One can dream.. one can dream :)

Right, so the holiday is barreling down on us and for those 10 of you still reading out there and those of you who have been emailing me asking, "So when are we going to see this mythical, make-believe, Trenches you "supposedly made??"

To answer your questions. Trenches is done. Yep, it has been done and turned into the Studio in September. The last I heard from the sources on a release for Trenches was first quarter 2009.

That's as much as I know. But that said I think we will start ramping up and getting some more Video Blogs and sneak peeks of the series if you guys are interested. You have to let me know.

Till then, everyone be safe have a happy new year and keep your nipples to yourself :)
- Shane

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