Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Homemade Hollywood- Fans Behind the Camera

Here is something cool and you should check out. A new book titled Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera
by Clive Young and foreword by Chris Gore,
(they have it in hard and soft cover- I could only make the link for the hardcover)

(Insight - Chris Gore was the guy who interviewed me on G4 "Attack of the Show" back in the day, and he couldn't say my first name right, It's Shane btw, and later I told him to give me back the Revelations DVD I gave him as a joke. Oh yeah long ago.
LOL - check it here if you want

The book has released on Amazon and if you look closely, check out who is on the cover (sort of.. well you wouldn't know it if I didn't tell you)

But yep, that top portion of the book is an image taken from the set of filming my first film Star Wars Revelations, and that is Holland Gedney kneeling on the ground, Matt and Dale Henry in Storm Trooper armor, our boom operator, and me with my back to the camera directing the scene. (I don't know who the guy on the bottom of the cover is but looks action snazzy with his camera)

You can watch more BTS of Revelations here that shot was taken from. Boy that was a long time ago, and about 15lbs lighter for me. What 5 years can do you and mid-thirties. crap!

Anyway, check out the book, Clive Young is a good guy and if you are interested in film making and film maker's experiences, tips and tricks, it's worth a read.
(they have limited copies at Amazon but I am sure they will get more)
Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera

The book interviews me and talks about the way I made Revelations and my take and insight on Homemade Hollywood. I am not sure actually what that is, or what it says, it could say I am a total tool - I don't know, as I haven't gotten a copy of the book myself yet.. Hey Clive. .where is my copy??

- Shane


Clive said...

Hi Shane-
Sure you can have a copy--you'll probably like it except for the part where I say you're a total tool.


LOL .. thanks Clive. I could use a new good read for the holidays. Do you have an audio book version of you calling me a tool so I can put it on my Ipod? :)
Happy Holiday brother!
- shane