Friday, September 05, 2008

Vote? What?

OK, for those who might know me well, you know I am not a political person at all. I really don't get involved or get into politics in any way. It has never been my bag and living here close to the Nation's Capital as I do, this is rare thing, as most here eat and live that stuff.

I will share a secret with you. I don't even vote (shhh) never had.

That's right, never have, and never got involved with it, as for me it has always been the lesser of two evils and a popularity contest in which not much is going to change or make a difference.

But this time around something is different for me. I am not going to stand on some soap box for you, as again I am not a political person, and you all can feel the way you want about your own views, but this time I just felt too strong to sit in the background and not do anything. Weird.

For any of you like me who want to come out for the first time to vote perhaps you are like me and not even sure how to register. I didn't know how to .. but here is a very simply online way. just go to Rock The Vote and get yourself setup if you want.

Oh yeah.. vote Obama! :)

Just don't tell my DC friends I have never voted before. Also, just because I am coming out this one time please don't send me your polls or consensus or fund raises, or awareness campaigns or any of that crap, please stop calling :) I will vote this time.. isn't that enough?

Here is also something I found very funny from my buddy Frank who turned me on to it as well as answering some questions about voting and candidates. thanks Frank.

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Steve L said...

Welcome to American citizenship! Glad to have you at the poll.

Rock the Vote!