Monday, September 29, 2008

The Studio Speaketh ..

The news? Well after a 30 day wait, the studio finally all sat down and watched Trenches in it's finished entirety last Friday, and the word coming down from that view is.. good. The studio execs and producers really enjoyed Trenches, actually clapping after the showing (so I was told) and it was all smiles, back patting, and thumbs up.

So the word and wait has finally come down from the suits and creative and they are very pleased. Good!

Now what?? yeah I don't know myself. Now you have to sit and wait with me as the studio now tries to figure out what they are going to do with the product and when and where they are going to release it and all that jazz. I do know they want to release it as soon as possible as they are proud of it, as am I, and we want to get it out there to ya. So that is the word and news for now. More to come.. as it comes.. when it comes, etc.

- Shane


Steve L said...

Congratulations Shane! I can't wait to see it.

Steve L

Chad said...

Woot! I'm so glad. What a relief. I can't wait to see it. It will be an instant classic!


Thanks for the kind words Steve. I am looking forward to Trenches coming out as well. I hope you guys like it.

- shane

Phoenix said...

Most Excellent News ( definately in these trying times). I've been sending tons of people to the web page and trailers and everyone has been very excited to see this when it comes out.
I had no doubts that the Studio Execs would be highly receptive to this project. Your well on your way now to catching lightning in a bottle twice.
The new trailer that is out there makes it look and feel just like the multi-million dollar movies that inspire us all.
You've got an Army of fans following this now..

Ponch.. :)

Matt Scheuerman said...

Can't wait to see this. I hope that it's a gargantuan hit.

Forrest said...

Hey Shane,
Forrest here from dickinson, Tex. We were hit by the backside of the eye several weeks ago. Uprooted some very large trees. The house was unscathed. Congrats on fisihing the movie, I have been following your work since S/W's revelations. Iam very happy for you man, I feel like I know you. Hope to meet you sometime down the road in tx. btw, hey Matt waasup?

Matt Scheuerman said...

Hey Forrest,

Working to become a better matte painter, that's waasup.

Sorry to hear about your trees but awesome news about your house.

Keep on livin. Have a good one.


Thanks again the the support guys. It means a great deal to have supports and fans out there. I don't know about lighting in a bottle twice or going anywhere, but knowing some of you guys are out there really helps!

Good to hear from you Ponch and glad your still out there!

Thanks for the message forrest - first drinks on you if we meet :)