Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moving on

Well if we missed you at the NY Comic Con event it wasn't my fault. I looked for you. Where were you? I text messaged you! .. ah well. I will catch you at the next event maybe.

Here is a pic from the "Trenches" panel we did at ComicCon
(man Aaron needs to cut his hair :)

(photo by: Zafe) left to right, Lev Gorn, Aaron Mathias, Shane Felux

So moving on, the NY trip was good and it was great to hang out with some very good friends. Unfortunately I got sick, I think I picked it up from on of the kids, as I was feeling a bit off when I flew into town. Now I am pretty miserable.

At the event Stage 9 released a new Trailer for Trenches.
Take a look at this studio cut trailer and let me know what you think.

The studio wanted to put out something new so there ya go. I dig the movie voice over guy. That made me smile. So perhaps a bit more info and look at Trenches as we work to completion and delivery. When you ask? Err.. soon. No later then July.. how about that? :)

Hope all is well with you and send some love sometime!


Spat said...

Well, after hearing what was said at ComiCon about the trailer, I was expecting something totally different.

I really like the new trailer. It is very "Studio", but I totally dig it.

Great seeing you guys at ComiCon, even if it was only for 26 seconds!


Chad said...

Got chills on that one! Can't wait!

Matthew said...


It was great to see you. you guys were in top form.
The trailor is good - it's better than good.
people will be hopping all over this thing before you know it.
Thanks for taking the SPINAL TAP route. I had a great time. my article will be out soon.
be good.