Wednesday, March 05, 2008

When I Grow up ...

Here is something different and fun for you guys.

When I was a kid (ok still am) but regardless when I was younger, my aspirations had always been to be involved in movies, theater, TV ... The industry (though I didn't know it was called "the industry" for a long time.. in fact I just found that out thanks to this thing called the inter net.. or something)

Anyway, when I was young, it was a film called "Star Wars" that opened a new dream for me, "wow, I know what I would like to do.. I want to be involved in that .. somehow!"
yeah it's cliche but true.. sorry. Then a film called "Indiana Jones" and for a while I actually pursued becoming an archaeologist and researching the arc of the covenant.

My Grandmother gave me tons of religious things to read about the arc. I then soon realized archaeologists really don't carry whips and have exciting adventures, but really sit in some squaller sweating to death, while meticulously sweeping dust with a tiny brush for hours on end, to then discover "look I unearthed a tiny piece of a pot that looks more like a lump of dirt.. wow"

(to all the archaeologists out there .. I am sure it is a fascinating job, so no offense, but not for me) Plus I found out you have to be smart to be an archaeologist.. again .. not me :) . I think we are safe though, as I do not really see many archaeologists reading my blog.

So at a young age if I could not be these things, I could possibly play them, or make a story about these characters and adventures, and so at a young age I pursued it.

My first job in front of a professional camera was I think age 9 or 10. It was for an HEB Grocery store company training video. You know the ones they make you sit and watch when you join a new company.

Yeah, that was the one. I played a young Howard E. Butt, founder for HEB ( which is a huge grocery store chain in Texas where I am from)

My mom at the time worked for HEB and when they were looking for children to she knew I had a dream to do movies and so forth and brought it up " I have a son who would love to do it"

and I did and from then on I had the bug. I still do. From then I had done may other projects. I have done outdoor theater, stage, live TV, commercials, feature films, indies, industrials.. you name it. Everything but porn.. still looking into that one .. JK ;

And I couldn't have done it or gotten where I am (still just a little guy buy living the dream) with out my family and there support.
Love you mom!

So when I was home the lest Christmas holiday (I am behind, give me a break) my mom dragged out these old pictures of my first time on a set and my first acting job. She even still had the old VHS tape. So here it is for you, a retrospect look back when I grow up ... (look how cute I was!)

I have posted pictures of my first time on a set (wow the 70's) and my first short acting job. even then it was a lot of hurry up and wait :)

Now today I still would not be able to do this without the support of my friends and family and though she reads this blog rarely, a big thank you to my wife! It's very hard I know.

Note: If you watch the video, notice how the kid (yes that me) actually looks at the camera .. amateur! So when I grow up I want to be in movies .. let me know how it turns out, as I am still waiting to grow up .. someday.

So here is my 5seconds of fame at age 10. Boy I sure could pull a wagon back then, just look at the dedication and believablilty, I really believe his is pulling a wagon and loading grocerys. genius. Well we all start somewhere, and for me it was at a young age.



Gina Hernandez said...

Wow!! What a very cool thing to have. I'm amazed at how much you looked like Ian when you were younger. That's really great stuff!


Thanks for reading the blog Gina and the comment. Yeah, it's to bad my son will grow up to be as ugly as me :)

Hope all is well with you. smack Frank for me sometime ;)