Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stage 9 comes up - Premiere

Here is some exciting news for you guys. The studio that is finnacing and distributing "Trenches" is getting ready to premiere and officially release their first series online this week!

Very exciting!

It's official. Stage 9, the new division of Disney, will put it's first web series and premiere this week, Thursday 2/28.

The first project Stage 9 will be releasing is a great new comedy called “Squeegees”, about the wonderful world of high-rise window washing! The trailer is now online so go check it out and let me know what you guys think of it. Here is the older teaser trailer.

“Squeegees" is produced and directed by the crazy guys at Handsom Donkey.

Adam Countee, Brendan Countee, Marc Gilbar, Aaron Greenberg.

They shall be the first into the breach if you will, and I consider them brethren of a kind, as we both have gone through the Stage 9 system and both made our films through them. We are film compatriots of different spectrums. They doing fun comedy and me .. "what the hell was I thinking" scifi. I wish them the best in success!!

I am very interested to see how Stage 9 promotes and markets "Squeegees", how it does, and what they are able to do with it. Let's see how the studio does it shall we guys?

My understanding is that the series will be online this week and hosted I believe on and others to be announced. Stayed tuned for that.

So Stage 9 comes out and is official now. First "Squeegees" then "Trenches" .. maybe.. at some point.. just watch "Squeegees" and keep sending me love.


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