Friday, February 08, 2008

FedCon Appearance - June 13-15 2008- Dallas

Just for an update, I had a chance to talk to an old friend Tim Brazeal the other day, who is the creator of Scifi Studios as well as others like TrekUnited, SaveEnterprise, and has been a great help and supporter to me and my projects.

Tim is know in the community as one of the guys who achieves and get amazing things done. He is one hell of a guy. He was the guy who raised millions and offered Paramount the funds raised by fans to keep Star Trek Enterprise going for one more season. On top of running Scifi Studios, film projects, and other events, Tim is also heading up one on the largest scifi conventions from Europe and brining it to the states come this year in June 13-15 2008.

The event is called FedCon and WoW do they have an amazing guest lineup!
Marina Sirtis
Garrett Wang

Paul McGillion
Connor Trinneer
John Billingsley

Anthony Montgomery
Bonita Friedericy
Menina Fortunato

So if you are into Scifi stars, excellent panels, shows, programming, and one hell of a great time, this is one you should go and check out. I will be there as well, and hopefully at that time I will be done with Trenches and can talk to you all about it and show a bunch of stuff on the film and my past experiences in film making. (As if you guys want to go to hear me talk even more.)

So mark your calendar and get all setup from the FedCon website. I will see you there!

Also, you have got to check out a new web series scifi studios is going to be putting out called IQ 145. This new show looks really high-end and great production value. I am amazed at the level of talent and professional look on this. Looks to be top drawer.

The show:
Sarah Connor Chronicles' Thomas Dekker takes a bold step into the future of Digital media with this high-end, Sci-Fi Web Series. To be released through SCIFiSTUDIOS.COM and WWW.IQ-145.COM this new webisodic experience is sure to send the traditional Network model into a real test of intelligence. As the TERMINATOR franchise simultaneously hits Network air, IQ-145 levels up what the WEB is destined to offer.

LOG: Son of a renowned, inventor/futurist father, who has mysteriously committed suicide; Nate Palmer (T.Dekker) is recruited by a secret organization to help search for his fathers last experiment.

Go check it out and see what you think. It looks like a hit to me. better then my work.. damn you Tim!

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Dave Andrews said...

I've seen a couple episodes of IQ and it does look good with excellent production values, but don't undersell yourself Shane! I'm dying to see Trenches. It looks fantastic.