Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New .. what?!

Oh yeah.. Happy New Year and all that.. wow, I almost did realize it was the new year, what year is it anyway??

Well, a new year ,my birthday and all that actually past and we are older, tireder, wiser.. ok mainly tireder (is that a word?) let's go with that. I know I am getting older when I it gets harder and harder to stay up till midnight unless you have to, and these days I have to, even beyond. Mostly each night I am in a dark cave editing on Trenches and making some good progress. It's coming guys, it's coming, but a great deal of work yet to be done (I think I keep saying that in each post.. ah well)

So Happy New something and .. ok back to work for me.. I really don't see what is so new about this year compared to the last one. I am still tired and still working late hours (sigh)

2008 looks to be a great year and you guys be sure to let me know when we get to 2000 and 8.. whenever that is, for now back to work :)

In other news the LA Times mentioned Trenches briefly in an article, "Sites to watch in 2008"
So we seem to be on the radar and 2008 holds great things .. yet it is so far away ... I guess the news is able to see way into the future or something. 2008 that is a long way off yet, and my name is what again? right back to work.


Chad said...

Wee!!! Love the brief spot!

Hey Shane.. I'm waiting.. and I'll keep waiting.. you haven't let us down yet, and everytime you release something, it is AWESOME!

I'll drink some coffee for ya!



Michael said...

Hey Shane ..

I just came across and watched "Revelations" - (bloody brilliant by the way!), which lead to watching the credits, which lead to, which lead to "Trenches", which lead to your blog, which LEADS me to say ...

"I just can't wait!" Keep pressing on mate! I'm one of a legion of fans looking forward to watching it ...

When you're tired and/or just plain p*ssed off, just think of how much pleasure and fun you're going to be dishing out to us lot!

Saol fada chugat!

Irish in Scotland


You guys give me strength and thanks for that!