Friday, September 28, 2007

On Spike TV

I ran across this while reading Trey Stokes Blog (creator of Pink Five) and thought it was kind of cool. In connection with the Star Film Challenge on Atom Films, sanctioned by Lucas Film, Spike TV is actually airing some of the winning Fan films. Pretty cool for us little guys.
Check out the Spike TV promo they are running, and low and behold they are using a great deal of Pitching Lucas in the Promo..

For my cast and crew out there "Look your on TV!" Did you ever think taking a chance with a little guy like me making silly fan films would get your there? I didn't, but I am so glad you guys are being shown! the Ewok is actually my 6 year old son Ian who was only 4 at the time when I filmed him for Pitching Lucas... I know he will get a kick out of this.
For me I do not get a chance to watch much TV these days as I work on Trenches so I was surprised to see this promo, and I have no idea if they aired Pitching Lucas or just used it for the promo. You tell me if you know more. Thanks Trey for posting about this.


Adam said...

Cool :) - nice to see 2 of my DIPs shots in there too!


wasn't that cool Adam! Glad to see your still out there.