Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I ain't no Babe Ruth , but boy that's cool!

When I was a kid a few things you dream about. Being in movies, being a fireman or astronaut, and being on a trading card. Among other things.
Well I have made some movies and even have seen myself on the big screen, the whole fireman thing didn't work out and astronauts have to be smart, not really me.

But Topps, one of largest makers of sports and entertainment trading cards, has just put out a new Star Wars trading card set celebrating the 30 years of Star Wars, and I am amazed, honored and stunned that my film "Pitching Lucas" is on one of these cards. # 117 to be exact.

The card kindly features on the front a nice picture image from the closing of "Pitching Lucas" and even has a very kind write up about the film on the back of the card and printing my name for all star wars collectors, fans, and kids like me to read.

(Click on card images below to see larger size)

I have to say I never thought one of my films would be on a trading card or my name printed on one. How kewl is that!

A special and huge thank you to Topps and Lucas film for even recognizing fan films, as there are a total of three cards in the 120 card set, showcasing Star Wars fan films such as Pitching Lucas.
Each card has a main picture from a select film on the front, and then a short write up and then another short blurb and small picture from another fan film. My card #117, titled "Welcome to my world" shares the back with renowned and popular fan film "Pink Five" Directed by Trey Stokes. A guy I think I can call a friend now that we talked a good deal at the last Star Wars celebration event. Way to go Trey and Stacey!

Other films include:
Front image- Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Back Image - Escape from Tatoonie

Front image - Jar Jar's walking papers
Back image - Christmas Tauntaun

What can I say, but what an honor and a thrill! A childhood dream! If only trading cards still came with gum, now that was something, and I always loved the smell.

If you guys want a copy you can pick up the Star Wars 30th anniversary trading card set from Topps at comic stores and retailers who sell trading cards, your favorite and mine.. Ebay, or here is a place to order online.

The set includes 120 base cards spanning all six movies, TV movies and appearances, deleted scenes, fan films and some other little treats such as Artist Sketch and Autograph Cards. But the one you really want is card #117 - my new number :)

- Shane


Phoenix said...

Coolness I know that there are alot of dealers in the convention circuit ( or is it circus) that carry the assorted trading cards.
I can remember when the only type of trading cards were for just baseball players. Then it expanded into the other sports and suddenly wham tv/movies card sets were popping up all over the place.
They have really become a big thing in our culture. So does this mean that in all of your future projects your going to have #117 showing up somewhere in the films ala THX-1138?

Shugar.K said...

Cool post! I'm a star wars fan myself and have a star wars web site.