Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mr. Mom

Well I hope this Labor Day weekend is packed with great excitement and fun for you all. I have 4 days of excitement in store for me, as this labor day weekend kicks off the DragonCon event in Atlanta. One of the larger scifi/fantasy, and all around good time, conventions on the east coast.

But I will not be going to DragonCon sadly :(

No, my excitement is staying home by myself and watching over my 3 small children as my wife gets a much needed break and heads off to DragonCon for all the fun it holds.

What am I missing and what does DragonCon look like?
OH, something like this.. more or less, but often more.

YOu get the general idea.

Anyway, fair is fair, as my wife takes the blunt of it when I have to go off to ComicCon and other events to promote my films or for my 9-5 work. So she will get to go and have some fun this time.

For me I will be fixing woobies, changing diapers, yelling "stop that", "take that out of your mouth", "leave your brother alone" as well as putting out fires. Oh yeah and editing Trenches at night... Oh yes, and exciting jam packed weekend in store for me with great fun to be had!

But if YOU are at DragonCon this weekend, and I hope you are, then be sure to look for my wife as she will have on hand and giving out FREE "Trenches" posters and Dog tags as they last. I think she might even have a few "Trenches" trailer DVDs.

Editing "Trenches" has been going slow but I am making some progress and I have actually added a new editor to my team. Marc Linn, who has been a very good friend of mine from Linn Production, has agreed to throw his hat in the "Trenches" ring and help me out. Linn production has just finished their feature film "Imprint" and it should be releasing to various theaters soon.

Marc is also a star wars fan like me and also did a fan film called "Heart of the Rebellion" which might come out in our lifetime, maybe. Marc shot the whole film started editing it and decided to go back and not just do pickups but reshoot the whole thing all over again. A perfectionist, and a damn talented filmmaker and artist.

I am thrilled to have Marc and Linn Productions join us on the team of "Trenches" as they are very talented and good friends of mine. It's always great to work with your friends.

So everyone be safe, have fun this holiday weekend and send me some pictures from DragonCon!

- Shane

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