Thursday, August 02, 2007

Home again - Survived Comic-Con 2007

Well here is my report from the adventures that followed at Comic-Con 2007 for me. First off this was a whirlwind tour. The studio flew me out Friday afternoon on which I arrived around 5PST in beautiful San Diego. I so love the weather of that town.

I hoped in a cab, checked into the hotel and then met some of the studio reps for drinks in the lovely US Grant Hotel where I was staying. Then it was off for a wonderful dinner with the studio at Bertrand at Mister A's, an excellent 5 star restaurant with a stunning view of downtown. The food and company were excellent and at this point the drinks were starting to take their effect. Those that know me, know I am a cheap date when it come to the drinks, so I was feeling pretty good by this point. :)

Next we all piled into cabs and jetted off to a bar for an industry party hosted by one the large talent agencies. It was open bar and that is never good for me. who was there? Well I met a good deal of great people working in the industry, producers, directors, animators, actors, and some stars even showed up like Liv Taylor, & J. J. Abrams to name a few. But at this point I was finding it hard to tell my left foot from my right so to help we went to another bar that was on the rooftop of a hotel and drank a bit more.. it's the best I can recall for you. Now bear in mind my body is on east coast time, so when I finally went to bed at 3am or so .. I was pretty beat.

I woke around 11am with my head complaining about it, showered, dressed and then headed on over to the convention. The whole reason the studio brought me in was to promote Trenches, and I was signing poster for an hour in the Inkworks booth. Jennifer Love Hewitt had just finished signing in the same seat I then sat in, so that is about as close as I got, other then in passing. Guys, she really is very hot, and the fans really enjoyed seeing her.

So I signed autographs for an hour and people actually lined up. I figured I would be sitting there for an hour like a dork, but the line actually stayed filled for the hour. A few camera crews came over and covered the event like, Xbox Live, The Daily Reel,, etc. I bet people passing where like,

"who the hell is this guy?"
"I don't know but he is giving away posters and signing them .. let's get one"
So there ya go. You can watch the interview The Daily Reel did with me there on the con floor.

(I sound like a dork and not one of my better interviews) and a good friend of mine who has an Xbox said he was watching the Xbox Live Marketplace that was covering Comic-Con, saw me and jumped up scaring the hell out of his girlfriend yelling "holly crap that's Shane!"

So if you have and Xbox 360 check it out. I will post the video soon. I don't have and Xbox (how about hooking a brother up Xbox?)

The signing was fun and exhausting at the same time, thanks for everyone who came and for the kind support. It was great to see you and meet new people. I am always love to hear what audiences are thinking and meeting great people. It's a lot of fun and I am very lucky.

The only next highlight then was the Scifi Channel industry party that night, which I have to say was very nice and very well done. I got to meet and shake hands with Stan Lee and even Seth Green, telling him how much I like the Star Wars Robot Chicken special. There were actors from BattleStar there and a good deal of industry. It was a great time, too many drinks, and it was great company. Fun to be had, as I have never been to one of these industry party's before till this event at Comic-Con 2007.
Pretty swank!

So that is pretty much it gang. I was there for only 2 days and had to fly back home Sunday morning, then back to the 9-5 job on Monday and editing at night for Trenches.


Awesome & Stuff said...

Her name is Jennifer Love Hewitt... I ran into her at the Peterson last time I was in LA. Nice lady indeed.

Glad to hear about Trenches. Keep up the good work!

Sheldon said...
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Ah Ian you know what I meant. Thanks for the correction, and I have fixed it in the blog. See the thing is Jennifer and I go way back and I call her Jen, jenny jen, Jessica, jippy jap, jollolov, and Sue. She tends to call me "leave me alone" and "jerk"
there endearments of a sort. Sorry for the error on my typing. I fixed it.