Saturday, August 04, 2007

Get anything on Ebay .. even me it would seem

Ok, so I was taking a break from editing, for just a breather, checking my email and I was doing some ego searching on the web tonight (guilty) just trying to gauge how the buzz is going on Trenches and if the word is spreading and so forth, when I come across a link on ebay in which someone has got up for bid, one of my signed Trenches Posters that they got at Comic-Con! That is too funny for me. I was just there and someone is already auctioning a signed poster of me on Ebay .. LOL
I guess this person thinks I am someone or something. funny guys, really funny. Man is that seller in for a let down. He probably couldn't give it away.

The sad thing is that I am only worth $5. Come on I am worth at least $9.99 or something! Maybe I should bid just to try and make people think this is a valued thing. Yeah, start a stunt on myself and bid huge amounts on my own signature which then creates this flux in the collector's market and everyone going "I must have this, it is worth millions!" and then start hording my signature so I can control the whole thing.. then the world!

Well, I thought it was funny. My signature on ebay.. priceless.

I do think it would be funny to flood and ask the seller lots of questions like "does it come with a COA" and "how can I verify it's original as Shane Felux usually signs nothing and is rare". "Can you get more?", "Will you ship insured?" "I am a huge fan, where can I buy the Trenches movie?" .. stuff like that.

Anyway I just had to share, as it tickled me during my break.

Please help support Trenches and spread the word. slashdot do your worst, as it's not my server this time :) Oh, and the auction for the poster ends in 20 hours so rush on over.


Phoenix said...

Hiya Shane,

Thats hilarious. But only $5 bucks for a signed poster? Actors generally get $20 and I saw a signed poster auctioned off at Shore Leave go for $1700+ I say go for it put a bid up. Oh and if you can get any more posters signed or not let me know and I'll take them to Farpoint.
Anyhow, glad you had a good time at Comicon and got back safely.

( 9 hours 27 minutes...)

Two months to go...

Rossdale Alliance

Sheldon Whittaker said...
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Sheldon Whittaker said...

Hi Shane,

Well its pretty cool though, maybe the poster will be worth a fortune in a few years.

Well done on trenches, your efforts are very inspirational, and it looks like a cools series i'll definately be tuning in to watch it.

Cheers man.

Chad said...

I got it!!! And you were worth it!!!!

I'll have it when you become world renowned!! And I'll tell everyone that I had the opportunity to see you grow and become a world famous Producer/Director.. and I'll have this poster!!!

Thanks for the memories, Shane!


Anonymous said...

damn I missed it. but I did get a potato chip that looks like hitler.

Master Zap said...

Hey, you are someone.

I'm just comming back from the SigGRAPH conference in San Diego. The world premiere conference in computer graphics and visual effects.

As I walk into the booth, the first thing that pops in my face from the big screen was... one of the execs from Pitching Lucas going "You loved, it, right, you loved it?"

YES - To my joy and glee, running on the monitors in the ILM/LucasArts booth was, among many many other things, a demo/promo/id spot for "", that showed a snipped of PITCHING LUCAS.

So, Shane, you are famous. ;)



Well that is kewl Zap. they had the same thing running at Comic Con as well and I got a kick out of it. Hope SigGraph was a blast, and I am glad to see you are still out there. I figured you had given up on me long ago as you a big time guy now :)
Famous me?? maybe infamous or something. Come on it's just me, you know me. i could so use your magic on Trenches :)

Phoenix said...

The Nina videos are cool. I love the "Trip To The Moon". I see a bit of Battlestar G. influence and possibly Space 1999. The song is excellent. Nice work.
As for his Magic, Shane just remember when this goes to Pilot and then to Series or Big Screen..

down to 7 weeks and counting..