Tuesday, May 08, 2007

12 days in the can.. Seeing the light

Well, I now have 12 days of shooting "Trenches" in the can!

It has been some hard work and I have to give great thanks to my wonderful cast and crew. Remarkable hard working people and the results of every one's effort really shows in what I am getting on film. I am very pleased with the performances and we are getting it all done. I have finished filming in the Quarry in Virginia, where we finally got to play with the creatures some, thanks to the designer and builder of the "Trenches" creatures Pete Mander.

I have also finished the bunker scenes and studio shoots in Maryland. So moving on.

Only 2 more days of filming and I will wrap principal photography and go heavy into post.

As always it has been a long hard road and some long hours, but 14 days to shoot a 55min film is really pretty damn good! Especially on the scope and scale for a film like "Trenches"

I will wrap filming on May 13, have a week break and then head to LA for the Star Wars Celebration IV event.

If you are interested here are some more BTS pics from day 7 of "Trenches" - CLICK HERE


Brandon said...

Hey Shane, I am really excited to see some more on this film, or the film itself. I am hoping for the best; it's great you've gotten this oppertunity. I so badly want to make movies, I wish I could have gotten something going with you, but I needed to get my stuff and more importantly myself together. I am still working on that aspect. Maybe one day...some way somehow I have got to do it. Anyhow, just wanted to say hey, it had been a while. Take care.

Anonymous said...

cool !!!! :)

Steve L said...

I've opened my stills archive up on Flickr. It can be gotten to at:


Stephen Lesnik