Monday, April 30, 2007

Week Two of "Trenches"

Well, I have finished my second week of filming "Trenches" and what a week it was. Rough. We had to do two splits. In case you are not sure what a split is.. it's when you split the day and start work on set at say 8pm and wrap at 9am. So you start in the night and work through a portion of the day. The trick and thing that sucks the most is that the day before you just worked 6pm to 6am, so the turn around can be kind of fast. We froze and got wet during the night, and then burned up during the day .. Ya got to love film making

For me it meant my first split day I had 5 hours of sleep and had to go 24hours awake. Not fun. I was pretty beat and still feeling a bit slow, but we got all our shots at the quarry and we have wrapped that location. Two weeks in on "Trenches" and moving on. We have been doing 12- 14 hour days. Pretty typical and really not to bad. Big films can go 14-15 for days sometimes killing it's cast and crew. We are trying to keep it down, but making days on a film this big is tough.

We start back up this week and go 5 days straight (4 day on the bunker set, and one in the studio) This week is going to be tough , aren't they all, as it is the meat of dialogue and still a lot of action. Action films are hard to do guys. They require a lot of setups, angles and time. A few lines of script description on action can take 2-4 hours to shoot.. Uhhh.
The cast and crew are doing great and so far we are getting some good stuff. I can not wait to get int the edit room and see what we can put together. I just need to get through this week and then one more and I am done filming. May 13th is my final wrap. Stay tuned.

Here are some more BTS pictures from day 3 & 4 on the set of Trenches
Thanks for all your support out there guys. I appreciate it and it really does help.
send money :)
- shane


L said...

How about a fruit basket?

Shane Felux said...

Uh sure.. bring a fruit basket.. what is this guy talking about? :)

Anonymous said...

BTS pic pages on flickr says it a private page.

Im logged in. ????

goodluck w/ the shooting.


Zafer said...

u asked for money, and he/she is offering fruit instead...a healthy alternative me thinks ;-)

lovin' what i'm seeing Shane...stay strong, shooting is half over :-)

good luck bro

Lovers Of Small Breast said...

How long is this movie going to be, Shane? I've been kind of out of the link for a while, but just when I think that you're bogged down with your new film, you make some new posts...hahaha. I hope that we can get a sneak peek at "Trenches" when you are ready to. On another note, now I see why film editing is such hard work. I've taken up your challenge for the "Revelations" video and my hats off to you, Shane. It takes real talent to make a film and even a music video. I think that after I finish this challenge project, I'll stick with the writing.

Best wishes,


Shane Felux said...

Oh .. a fruit basket instead of money.. oh yeah. you know me, I will take anything :)

As for a sneak peek and all Mike. The plan is to have a teaser trailer by July or so, and the film will release in October '07. The runtime of the full film is 55mins.

I am glad you are trying the editing challenge and look forward to seeing your results.

Misty said...

can't wait to see the final cut - it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work on this, even if it was just a small part! :)