Monday, February 05, 2007

Shane On The Lot with Spielberg

Ok gang, as some of you might recall a while back, I posted about a new Mark Burnett reality show coming up called "On The Lot" which is basically "The Apprentice" meets " American Idol" for film makers. It will have Steven Spielberg in which they will take 16 film makers from around the world and give them the chance to earn a $1-million development deal at DreamWorks. Some of you posted and said I should try out and go for it.

Ok, well I threw my hat into the mix and now let's see what happens.

I am now asking you guys to help me and get my "On The Lot" submission seen, supported and viewed as much as possible. If you are really interested in seeing me on this show as a possible entry then please post and share this news and my "On The Lot" submission link.
use this link and share as much as you can, get everyone to go and check it out.
(not glad they took my 16,9 film and squished it to 4,3 .. but no control over that)

This is basically my latest music video "Liberty" which I wanted to hold off to release till it went up on the "Lot submission", but we just couldn't wait that long. So there you go guys. I threw my hat in the ring. Let's see what happens.

Here is also my 45second introduction clip On The Lot asked for, but have not posted yet (they are getting swapped with entries I am sure) but here is a look just for you guys:

So again help support and get the world out. Show em' what he power of the fans is all about.
Use this link:

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