Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back from travels and Star Wars Best of '06

Well I am actually writing to you from the airport in Austria. I have sometime while I wait for my flight back home and this is a good way to pass the time and stay up on the blog. So I am simply sitting in a nice little pub in the Austrian airport with a cup of coffee, a smoke, and Internet access. Ya got to love Europe, as they drink and smoke everywhere! Even McDonald's has beer!

So Austria, Vienna, city of Music. A beautiful place though I did not get a chance to see much due to the weather being mainly snow/sleet/rain and bitter cold winds. The sun did peak out a few days so I did see a bit and the scenery is wonderful. Beautiful architecture in Vienna where I was staying on business. I got a chance to see a few museums and where Mozart lived, so pretty cool. I will also note to follow up on my London trip, the women here in Vienna are very pretty, from what I saw, and they have that whole exotic/mysterious euro look. So there ya go single guys. Between London or Vienna , go to Vienna.

One thing to also note that when you stay in Europe, for the most part, do not expect hotels to be like the states. The one I stayed in Vienna, was nice enough, but there is no gift shop to purchase drinks and snacks, no ice-machine, no room service, and the room is decorated like Ikea owned the place. The rooms are very small and my bed was the size for a child. Good thing I am not a big guy. But the stay was comfortable enough and the people kind and friendly. So yes I got to have good strudel, schnitzel, beer, and brats. I even went to one place that serves a meter beer and 2 meters of sausage, that's over 6 feet, and no I did not order that.. the result would be fat, bloated and drunk. Hmm, perhaps not a bad way to go, perhaps I should have order it. So Austria, Vienna, a great place to see and visit. I just wished I could have seen more but I was there on business and not pleasure.

This is kind of neat to share. The official website for Star Wars ranked their top events from 2006 and we are honored to be listed at#4 from our film "Pitching Lucas" winning at ComicCon. Check out the article here: STAR WARS BEST OF 2006 Also noted in the article was the exclusive first glimpse of the coming movie Fanboys, a film about four friends trying to steal a copy of The Phantom Menace from Skywalker Ranch, and the world premiere of Return of Pink Five Volume Two.

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