Saturday, January 27, 2007

X-ILE PICTURES New Film Release

Currently I am aboard overseas again on travels for business (I will blog about the trip when I get back to the states) but I have not forgotten about you guys and the neglect to my blog entries. So with that said I will post some new stuff for you.

I have been holding off to release this latest new film we completed, as I was hoping to post other news about it. But time catches up to me and I wanted to share the new film with you all and hopefully have your enjoy what we did again for so little as well as little time. Hopefully you will post and share it around and get some entertainment out of it.

I was approached some months back to make a music video for a young artist Margot MacDonald and the band Op-Critical.

It would have been my first paid gig for making film and I was excited by the challenge, so I agreed to do it. I then produced, directed and created the story idea for the music video you are about to see. It took two days to shoot the video up in the schizle of Baltimore, and you may notice familiar faces in the film such as Frank Hernandez, Holland Gedney, Mike Menez, Gina Hernandez, and others from my past films.

When a film project comes in you work with your friends and I have made a great deal while doing "Revelations" "Pitching Lucas" and others. Everyone on the project from cast and crew were part of the teams I used to make all my films and as always it was great to work with them again. I am fortunate to have a great many talented people around me.

So here is my latest film release of a music video called "Liberty" the entire thing was edited by myself and though the music and song may not be the greatest, I hope you like what we were able to do with the visuals, creating a semblance of a story and my quest to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. It was not easy, but I do like a challenge and I am very pleased with the results. I hope you do as well.

That is the latest and something to hopefully to keep your interest till the next post. Some of you have been writing "so what is this news of a new film project coming up Shane you keep hinting at!?"

Ok I will tell you this, I am in a development deal in creating a new original scifi short which will be distributed by a new division of Disney. The studio saw my past work, approached me and we have been talking since I was shooting "Pitching Lucas" in Feb '06. Now if all goes well and the green light goes up from the studio we plan to start shooting in late April '07 and releasing the film in the fall of '07. It's still a very small budget film, but this time it will not be my own money and a great stepping stone with studio backing to have it seen by a very large audience. If the film or idea is received well and there is interest it could have the potential of going to a TV series and possible feature film. Though I do not hold my breath for such things as you guys know and hope to only do the best possible film with this first task as I can.

That said, I will be giving more detailed news about this adventure soon, and posting requests for talent of all natures who want to help and be a part of the production. I am going to need as many talented individuals on this one as I can find. I will keep you posted. This is our shot and the door has been opened with what we have worked so hard to do with our past films. We are hoping to capitalize on it. We shall see. Till then enjoy the new music video.


Anonymous said...

Talent. Hmm got none of that. But might be able to spare some time.

UI's, concept, matte.

Greg :)

Curt_Holman said...

Hey Shane:
Sorry to contact you this way, but the other emails I could find for you were bouncing. My name is Curt Holman and I’m writing a cover story for the alternate newspaper the New York Press about fan films. I'd like to talk to you about your other work. I know you're traveling, but would you be available for a phone interview some time next week (Jan. 29-Feb. 1)? If you'll be out of pocket, could I ask you some questions via email? I can be reached at:


Brandon said...

That's awesome news Shane! I hope the best for you, and I hope to help you as well...WOW, Disney! I am going to check out this music video now. I can't wait to hear some more news and see if I can be of assistance.

allen said...

That's a lot of footage for only two days! I'm impressed.

Shane Felux said...

You can do a lot in two days with good planning, and we are use to working and shooting at a neck breaking pace. Becuase of budget I never have the time I wish I could have. So you do what you can, get it done and again plan as smart as you can. The people and crew I work with is also a huge factor. I have great people on my team and that's what makes it work.
Once shooting "Revelations" we did 32 setups in 6 hours and that was on a set with 160 people. It nearly killed me :)