Thursday, January 11, 2007

Updates and welcome '07

Well, the holidays are finally past us and the new year rolls in. I hope everyone had a good one and ready for the excitment of the new year. I have big news to share about our new film project we are looking to do this year, but I am going to hold off for a bit and tease you .. let you simmer.

I can tell you it's a good oppertunity for us and pretty soon I will be blasting the new and everywhere looking for people. So if you missed your chance to work with us in the past and have written in saying " Man Shane if I had known you were doing another film I so would have been there!" Well, you are going to get your chance again and pretty soon we will be calling for you and as many more.

In the meantime here is something fun. I was banging around on YouTube watching some stuff and I came across a music video someone did using footage from "Revelations"
Now when people start taking your films and making their own fan films or Vids that is a great compliment. So go check out what this guy did.


His editing is a bit weak and off but it's the thought that counts, and his credit to us is wrong.. "Revelations" was done by Panic Struck Productions, not panic Struck Studios. Just spell my name right on a check and we will get along fine :) Thanks Dark Den Productions for the tip of the hat.. we are flattered.

If you do not know what a vid is .. it's when you take a subject like a movie and cut your own music video to it. It's fun and way back in the day I made a few myself when I was playing with editing software.

So as a sort of contest I challenge you to take anyone of my films and cut a music Vid to it. If enough of you enter and send something in (all 5 of you out there) then I will pick the very best one and post it here on my Director's blog for the whole world to see (all 5 of you) and even perhaps send the winner a signed "Revelations" poster and the 2 disk DVD set of "Revelations"
Wow! how can your refuse that prize.. so valued and coveted .. well you can have that or I will send you $5.

In the spirit of Vids and sharing here is a very old one I did from back in the day
"Interview with a Vampire"
(but we all know you like it that way)

So this was something I did when I was just a little baby editor learning learing his first keystrokes, and I calle dmyself Red Rogue Productions (my wife still teases me about my name, and I still like it) . Anyway, chack out the VAMPIRE VID .. ah the good ol days!


L said...

It sounds very intriguing, Shane. Keep in touch.

And I love the vid. It doesn't feel that long ago, but it is, isn't it?

Shane Felux said...

Yeah any vid or music video for that matter should be cut tight and sharp. But I pretty much feel that may about most editing. If it's not needed then cut it out, and with todays low attention span audience, you have to hit them hard, fast and keep them interested. Now each film and piece is different and has a life of it's own, like a romantic historic film would have long slow sweeping moments. It just all depends on what the pace of the film is breathing at. For comedy .. funny is good.. short and funny even better!

Brandon said...

Hey Shane, I can't wait to hear what's going on, I hope to be able to work with you this time out. I guess we'll see. Until then, take care.

TEET said...

Hmmm...a challenge. I think I can put the script a side and try my hand at editing. Although, all I have is Window's Movie Let's see what I can come up with.