Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SciFi Studios Magazine Release

Well since I am back and everything is more or less back to the regular grind after my trip, here is a new update that just came out. SciFi Studios has just released their first online magazine issue and they even interviewed me in this premiere addition. So if you want go check it out.

If you have not heard about SciFi Studios I blogged about it here on my piece titled "Fans Invade Hollywood" and I really think it's a great concept. I talked with the Founder Tim Brazeal the other day and told him,

" Now you guys need to get off your ass and start making some products. Start small and see what comes of it. Take the fans and all the resources you have an produce a short film first, or a pilot. Try it out but you guys need to do something."

I really like this idea of SciFi Studios and support it but I also push for 'put up or shut up' mentality. I think we will see some action soon judging from my conversation with Tim.

This first online magazine issue is pretty good and one thing I have to say they do great work and have some excellent staff and support over there. See what you guys think.

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allen said...

Great interview. Very inspiring. I've been reworking my script and storyboards since seeing Revelations and little snippets like the SciFi interview help keep the creative fires burnin'.